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Being a little sheep for this, and I don't even care, because this is making me so delighted and happy:

Mildly spoilery picture of H50, yes.

In other news, [ profile] sirona_gs and I have been working on our [ profile] avengers_bang for the past what? Two weeks? Something like that, and it is not over the word count and in the epilogue. OH, YES. And it involves greasy!Clint and in-denial!Phil and unrghl, I like it a lot.


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Okay, so, a meme, stolen from [ profile] somehowunbroken and [ profile] shinysylver.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

H50, Avengers, Inception (Arthur/Eames), hell, even McFly (Junes anyway) if you feel like it. It might be a challenge XD. Now is your chance!

I'm in pain, still. Almost slept in a chair in the living-room last night, but I couldn't get more comfortable than in bed, so gave up. Didn't sleep much - backache and torrential rain against my window, and there you have it.
Aaaaand I have feelings about H50. STEVE, YOUR FACE IS SHOWING.
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Fiiiiiiiiiic! It was silly and stupid and I had that idea and ran it past [ profile] sirona_gs and then, we were writing! It was supposed to be a 5 things fic, but then it naturally became a 3 things fic, and I really enjoyed writing this. It's all about Steve cooking all the things Danny likes the best to woo him! Anyway, enough of my blabbering, just head over and reaaaaaaad:

Mission 'Secure Danno's Affections'
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I don't have anything else to say than I love them so much, I love them so much. I cannot deal.

Now I just need to work for a while before I can get back to fic. Haven't been this eager and excited to write in a while.

I leave you with this.

Thank you, darling DDK. You are the best.
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Gifs of the gag reel trailer )

Because it's HAPPY MAKING. And if you've not seen the trailer and want to, it's here!
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I let my Muse take the reins this morning, and this is what came of it. Steve and Danny, through Grace's eyes and through the years. Contains Future!Grace and unsubtle boys.

I sat beside you and became myself; ~800 words; Grace, Steve/Danny; PG. )
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Steve reflects on his life, [ profile] sirona_gs looked it over.

for a solemn glance is another hopeful taste; Steve, Danny; 842 words )

Don't forget, if ever you're interested, I am on auction here for [ profile] help_yca.
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A post on [ profile] shinysylver's journal made me wonder - what are the kinks you will read, always? What are the kinks that will make you click on a story, even if you don't know the author/isn't usually a fan of said author/the rest of the premise isn't something you'd usually read?

Cut for kink talk )


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