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Two things:

1. I hope everyone, everyone on the path of Sandy is safe and sound, hopefully dry. I cannot even begin to know how difficult and scary it must be, so I can only say that I'm thinking of you all, constantly, and if there is anything that can be done through the internet/fandom/chinese whispers, let me know.

2. LJ is fucking us up again, and this time, it's big. The new flist style means we all have the same generic look, like Tumblr and Facebook. I personally don't have an issue reading it (it's a white background and black text) but I know many people who will. Since we cannot trust LJ not to implement this forever, I'd just thought I'd let you all know - if a massive exodus happens, I am also at, please add me to your circles!
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So, you guys, news: TEEN WOLF BIG BANG FIRST DRAFT IS NOW OFFICIALLY COMPLETE. Clocking at 21,854 words for now, I...quite like it. I am intensely relieved to be finished with this main first draft, that now it will only be edits and tweaks and making it readable.

I think I have found a title for it, as well \o/. Fall open, fall in, which relates to both Stiles and books, for Derek. I think it's simple and efficient? Opinions?

Anyway, because I am glad I am mostly done with it, have another little bit of it!

This way for the fic. )

And now, on to claims and all *crosses fingers*.
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Just watch this, and tell me it didn't give you warm fuzzy feelings.
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Hey guys? I really want to do a picspam of Tyler Hoechlin/Derek Hale (because I just...want to?), but I am at work and I can't really be trolling the interwebs for pictures and gifs of this fine specimen of amazingness. Want to make my day brilliant and help me?

I'll just put a couple of gifs that were on my Tumblr to start us:

There. And if happen to come by this post and you do not know Tyler Hoechlin, here, be introduced.


Oct. 22nd, 2012 09:28 am
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So, as Scott Caan would say, I went and got my hair did at the weekend. I do it maybe twice a year because I can rarely be arsed, so it's always sort of an event for me. Lookit! I went shorter than I usually do but I like it, even if it's taking me a while to get used to it. I got many a compliment at work so I'm quite pleased *^_^*.

Other than that, I have reached 11.5K on my Teen Wolf Big Bang, which means I wrote over 2K at the weekend, which is very pleasing to me, considering these days I struggle to write over 500 words a day. I wrote it all on Sunday afternoon/evening so it's a good rhythm! [ profile] lanyon helped me make sense of my thoughts, and I pushed through a small blockage I had, and managed to write a couple of very important scenes, so, happy! will definitely get over the 15K required for this; I really want to get to the point where I'm close to be finished with it, even if I can't post it just yet. I am enjoying writing it immensely, but I also want to see the finished product, if that makes any sense...Anyway, I reached a turning point, and now I have a few questions for you, my literary, beautiful flist:

Can you think of any great book that ends with one of the characters coming home, or someone important coming back to them? ETA: I think I'm going to use Homer's The Odyssey. Kind of an obvious one, but it's not like this story is subtle anyway ^^.

And also: how many of you have read The Time Traveler's Wife? Because I use its plot in the story and I'm wondering if it will put off many people because there are spoilers from the book in there.

Let me know!

Anyway, for your time, and if you're interested, have a tiny bit of the story:
Teen Wolf Big Bang, Adventure Times! )

Why hello!

Oct. 19th, 2012 09:52 am
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I kinda want to get back into LJ-ing a bit more. There are so many things I;ve missed, but I'm slowly but surely growing to hate Tumblr when it comes to fandom things - it sucks, it's immature, it's full of wank and hate and it's way closer to RL than my comfort level is at, soooooooo. LIVEJOURNAL! How I missed you. You are led by incompetent assholes, but I still love you dearly.

Did I tell you? I am SUPER excited about Yuletide. It is my first year participating and I am IN LOVE with the fandoms I'm requesting and oferring, even though I wish there was more I could pick from (like The OC, or Pitch Black, which are, apparently, not eligible). It should be fun to do it, I am really looking forward to it, even if I also have 9000 more words to write for my Teen Wolf big bang, and also 3K to write for my Teen Wolf reversebang. I have dropped out of the RBB, because of so many different reasons. Luckily my artist is getting a fic anyway, I was the second claimer, so it should be okay.

In other news, HATERS AND NON-BELIEVERS TO THE LEFT, BECAUSE spoilers? I guess? For the SHIELD tv show )

In terms of real life: I went on a date that didn't go well; my company is going through a restructure, but I got a pay rise at about the same time the restructure process started and thus I was told in not so many words that my job is pretty safe; life at home is quite great; MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 22 DAYS. I love birthdays.

Also, I want my new tattoo like, yesterday. I need to pester my artist friends a bit more.
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Half past the point of oblivion, Stiles/Derek, ~4,500 words, R, complete.

Stiles has a tendency to make stupid bets. It’s probably the amounts of beer he’s drunk since starting college that’s playing with his brain cells, but it seems very easy to start making bets when you’re three sheets to the wind, and then when he loses, he doesn’t like not to honor said bets. He’s kind of an upstanding guy that way.

Which is the exact reason why he’s now crossing the threshold of Beacon Hills’ tattoo parlor, all the while feeling a little queasy. And there is Derek. Derek Hale, on the other side of the counter, with ink stained fingers and a look between confusion and disbelief on his face. What is Derek doing here?
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I am so, so emotionally exhausted. Today I had to watch one of my colleagues explode in sobs over one of our clients, and realising we made a mistake, and having to sort it, and deal with it all. She is doing it, and doing it well, but it's a little too much right now.

It's like, my emotions are way too close to the surface at the moment. I cry watching White Collar, and Awkward, and I snap in frustration every time I'm asked something I don't know the answer to. I want everyone to go away, I want to be left alone, if only for a while, so I can try to breathe and look at issues head-on. Maybe it's because I had a 19 hours work day on Tuesday (day trip to Paris to meet with clients), maybe it's because it's been 3 months since my last break. It's just been a hard week.

Thankfully I am going away tomorrow. Getting on a train back to France, I am roadtripping with my mum to the south of France for a wedding, and then going home for a week. I will be alone with my dad and my dog during the days, and I plan on sleeping a lot, writing a lot, geeking out a lot, and recharge my batteries in my quiet childhood neighbourhood. I am hopeful it will be enough to make me feel a bit more stable again.
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We'll surf in Asia, 1,344 words, Derek/Stiles, G.

In Derek's list of 'things I never thought I'd do', 'getting married' was number five.

Just a quick fluffy piece I had in my head yesterday. Clio looked it over for me and picked out my Britishisms and mistakes!
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No place for no hero
Stiles/Derek, Scott, Allison, Lydia, Sheriff Stilinski, R for violence. Future fic, canon compliant.
Warning - graphic depiction of a very violent mugging.

But now, as he looks at Derek’s face, the storm lurking right underneath his eyelashes, the frown firmly back in place on his features, the Sheriff can’t help but hope that he will do something Sheriff Stilinski himself can’t do, nor ask for Derek to do. They nod at each other over Stiles’ hospital bed, and Sheriff Stilinski stands up.
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Brightness fills empty space, Derek/Stiles, NC-17, ~12,000 words.

For a moment he stops and breathes, slow, measured breaths that usually help him centre himself, control himself. It's like a full moon night, keeping himself entirely focused on his very own, personal brand of anger and hatred and disgust, and he taps into it now, hopes for the best.

It doesn't change anything.

Derek is cursed into humanity, and from then on lies a path towards self-discovery. And Stiles.


It's a first for me in this fandom; the ending may be slightly rushed, for this I apologise, but at the same time I believe I told the story I wanted to tell. This is for [ profile] aliassmith and [ profile] foxxcub and anyone who wanted Human!Derek. Hope you enjoy it!
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Right so possibly I haven't checked LJ in a long time, for which I APOLOGISE. I may never get back on track so if something important was written and you feel like I should know, please let me know.

In the meantime, well, during the Olympics my office lets us do flexi-time, so I've been home on time for the Gymnastics events, which are my favourites. And I feel like you guys should meet my new favourite gymnast, this beautiful ladyboy of a man, Marcel NGuyen, of the German team.

Thanks to [ profile] foxxcub, you get a picspam.

This way! )


there should be slash.
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So, I may have fallen a liiiiiiiiiittttttle bit in Teen Wolf. It's supremely stupid, because I struggled watching the first few episodes (which, admittedly, are not good), but then I got really engrossed in it. I still laugh whenever they wolf out because it's not well done, imo, and I still could do without Scott in the show, but I definitely am really quite into Stiles and Derek and Jackson and Lydia and, man, it's like True Blood, a show where I like the smaller characters so much more than the main ones.

Anyway, been reading a lot of fic, which is the part I love the most about a new fandom, because all the long, juicy involved sexy fic is available to me, and it's awesome. I try to stay well away from the wanky bits, because apparently there are some, and then there are divides of sorts with other shows and things I don't really want to get involved in, because what's the point, what is the point, seriously.

Anyone can tell me of TW comms on LJ? I need me some icons of Derek, thank you very much.

In other news, started writing my [ profile] avengers_rbb - I have a story and all sorted out, so that's all good, but I stopped after 300 words or so because then the new Captain America title was announced and things kind of snowballed from there.

Meaning, I kinda have 3K of Steve and Bucky are in college fic. It's got an actual plot, and all that. ...Yeah.


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Will never let it go, Steve/Bucky, light R, ~1,700 words.

James fights tornadoes in his own head constantly, storms of clouds and thunder and blood and terror and Steve is always there to hold him through it. He talks him through it when they’re apart, any time of day or night over the phone, whispering about Brooklyn, about fairs and girls James took dancing, about ice cream stolen on Brooklyn pier and incubators and Peggy and Dum Dum and that picture James kept of his mother.

Post Winter Soldier Bucky.
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Oh, okay then.


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