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Not posted in a week - life has been busy.

One, I want to say I LOVED that episode of 5-0, it was just absolutely beautiful and although I guess we're not going to see much post-events reactions which is something I'd like to see, the episode itself made my heart shake really hard. A coda related to the episode that made my heart shake again, is this one, Hold on to your heart (is this all you've got to break my fall) by my darling [ profile] theellibu. It's beautiful and poignant.

Went to the Stories Before Bedtime reading yesterday, and all I can say really is that Tom Hiddleston is such a presence, so charismatic, an incredible actor. I was enthralled from the moment he got on stage - I've read around that there would be a podcast, and I'd advise anyone to listen to it if it does come out. He took on an American deep south accent that (to me) was flawless, made the most amazing faces and voices, and captured the attention of the audience in an incredible way.
Also, look how gorgeous he looked:
After the show, did the stage door thing, but so did the rest of the theatre, and I didn't get my Thor DVD signed. Rather not than try harder and get trampled, though. It's just not my thing, not really.

Anyway, that is all. I am sorry my life isn't exactly stellar exciting at the moment. I haven't written a word this week, although [ profile] sirona_gs and I are discussing possibilities. I am tired as hell but I'll get over it - just getting used to being at work again. The rhythm in this new agency is crazy, and I need to get into it.

I don't think I've missed much in fandom terms but if I have, let me know? (still haven't seen the Bourne trailer, by the way. This makes me sad.)
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See, I might be writing fic at the moment, involving men falling in love and being unsubtle when they try to act on it. I might be, you know, possibly, and it possibly has been the easiest thing to write for me in a long time and I may be enjoying going into it bit by bit without pressure or trying to go too fast. Maybe. It may involve Coulson and Barton.


"See, Agent Coulson, I didn't peg you for a romantic."

Clint is grinning around a mouthful of popcorn, looking way too much like a cat that got the cream, but Phil just smiles good-naturedly. Clint has let him in more than he has anyone since he started working with SHIELD, and Phil guesses it's only fair to open up as well, even if it's about his guilty but pleasurable habit of watching every rom-com he can put his hands on.

Rummaging through the DVD collection of the cottage, he'd stumbled upon The Notebook and while it is far from being his favorite, it is cheesy and well-acted enough to provide the kind of entertainment he is looking for. So he'd settled with popcorn, but only managed ten minutes before Clint jumped into the seat next to his own, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

"I try not to explode in roses and champagne with every step."

Clint snorts, resting his arm along the back of the couch by Phil's shoulders, who almost says something about not being a teenage girl in a bad 90's movie, but instead shuts his mouth and leans deeper in the couch cushions, a smile on his lips.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think your tough guy in a suit act is just armor and you're actually soft inside, Phil. You have no idea how much Tash would love that gossip."


Yesterday, I may also have purchased 4th row dead center tickets to the theater to listen to Tom Hiddleston read me a bedtime story. Of the erotic kind. I don't know, I MAY HAVE DONE THAT. :3
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1883MAGAZINE - HIM Promo (with Tom Hiddleston) from YEAST London on Vimeo.

Please, allow yourself a minute and thirteen seconds of Tom Hiddleston's face. It's pretty fucking glorious, I made sounds that were rather unladylike. It's safe for work and you don't need sound, either, there is no talking.
Above all that, it's a beautifully done video for the promotion of a magazine. Simple, but well done and visually striking.
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Okay, so, I suspect today is going to be terrible in all sorts of way because I have NOTHING TO DO at work and if I keep on being stalled in my fic I'm going to cry. BUT, last night we went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 and that was a rioooootttttt, and now I'm trolling on Tumblr as I do usually, and, oh, look, I may have just found the prettiest picture ever.

Under a cut because it's big and I'm nice like that. (more pretty in the comments, by the by. )

There you have it. I have no words at all. Okay, now to go try to write some fic, or something.


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