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Why hello! Possibly, [ profile] radioaches and [ profile] sirona_gs and I are thinking about cooking up an Avengers, fandom wide, Reverse Big Bang comm. We have thoughts and all about it and about its timeframe and everything, but! But we'd like your opinion! Artists, writers, e'ryone, please do take part of this poll, it'd help us loads! Really hope you're interested! We're quite excited by the idea - we've seen so many amazing artists around! At the moment, there is one going, but for Steve/Tony, and we thought expanding the possibilities might attract some more artists and writers! [Poll #1831336]
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So, let's say this is because of [ profile] finduilas_clln who told me I should try and write in this fandom before signing up for the challenge, and then [ profile] futureperfect for being the filthy enabler she is.

So this is 315 words of Band of Brothers canon ficlet; set during 'The Last Patrol', and it is Lipton/Speirs. i'd seriously have written a lot more if I wasn't at work on my lunch break, heh. If you've seen/loved the show and know of these characters, please let me know if you think this is any good? It's barely anything but it's a first try and I just don't want to let down the person who I'll be writing for, so while I can I'd like your opinion!

Completely untitled, Lipton/Speirs tiny ficlet )

Can someone tell me where to find BoB icons?
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Just so you know, [ profile] powrhug is awesome. YEP.

Oh my God, my flist. *squishes the lot of you so hard* You seriously do make life. I owe you all so much, you have no idea. 

Also, I missed this journal's 4th birthday, it was on the 26th. It doesn't mean so much when I've been on LJ for so, so much longer...

So, what.

Dec. 7th, 2011 10:11 am
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Okay, so, first things first, helloooooo to my new friends! Shiny new friends! HAI! MAKE YOURSELVES AT HOME.
Mostly I will be talking about fic and fic things and fandom things, and my BFF and flatmates (BFFlatmates), [ profile] theellibu and [ profile] stjarna1984. Because they're awesome.

I HAVE BEEN TALKED INTO WRITING A FIC WHERE CLINT ADOPTS A PUPPY, BUT OF COURSE PHIL ENDS UP TAKING CARE OF THE DOG MOST OF THE TIME. I blame people, for reasons, but now it's like a steamroller in my brain and as soon as I am finished with this first fic where Phil and Clint have feelings they don't really know what to do with, I will write it. This is terrible behaviour, TERRIBLE. I'm just dipping my toes in this new fandom/pairing and I'm already pulling out the overused tropes. Oh, self.

(I'm not even going to talk about the amnesia!Loki fic I want to write, right? Right. That's just too much.)

In related things, hey, is there anyone willing to beta some Clint/Phil? Because my betas are not in this fandom, so I don't want to bother them with that. So, huh, yeah? I mean, I should be finished soon with this first one, it's probably not going to be much over 1K. Anyone? Bueller? (I've still not seen this movie, and yet.)

Okay, what is this [ profile] fandom_stocking thing, can I be arsed to sign up? Should I?


Dec. 2nd, 2011 06:32 pm
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We are back! Which is sad, to be fair, because, well, I loved being in LA and I didn't want to leave. We are exhausted, too, so I'll post pictures and things soon. I really had a fabulous time, and I cannot thank [ profile] gunslingaaahhh enough for keeping us at her flat and driving us around, and [ profile] tailoredshirt for coming all the way to see me. It was so, so lovely! And you guys, I even tanned a little bit. And I brought back all the M&M's, AH!

Anyway, head over to [ profile] h50_exchange because if you didn't know yet, reveals were put up! Excitement!

Anyway. Just one picture, say hello to my feet in the Pacific ocean when we went to Malibu! )


Nov. 7th, 2011 09:26 am
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It's [ profile] shinysylver's birthday today! Happy birthday hun! Hope you have the best of days ♥, filled with Captain America and Tony Stark and Steve and Danny :nod nod:.

Talking about Steve and Danny - and Chin and Kono, these promo shots, just. I mean, unf, right? Unf is the word.
You've most certainly seen this, but, heh. )

I feel like I need a new fandom to play around in. I was talking with [ profile] sirona_gs yesterday about it, how it'd be good for me to put a little distance so I don't get as annoyed with everything that's going on in the H50 fandom lately; I don't find it the healthiest place to be in at the moment, and I'd enjoy being able to turn away to something else when I need it. But nothing has hit me like this show has, recently. I'm not into the film ships going on lately - I sort of feel assaulted by them everywhere and thus I tend to turn away. So, I don't know. It's hard, you guys. If there's anything you think I should check out, let me know!
In the meantime, if anyone wants to point me towards awesome Eames/Arthur fic (preferably long and meaty, I have a weakness for AU), I'll take it. I've not read them much, but they're so lovely.
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Okay, first:


1st - 31st December 2011

Rules, Dates and Other information
Prompt post

Do prompt, because I want to write it. There.

Am back at work. Still feeling a bit shit but there are things to be done, and I'm partly responsible for this project we're on so I got things to do! Which is something I like, mind you.

I want all the weird supernatural stories, these days. Like, with Halloween approaching I want zombies (although I wrote that, coming to you Saturday!) and vampires and apocalypses and aliens and all of it. Feel free to prompt me if you like! I have 2 fics I absolutely need to write for an exchange and an auction, but, still.

Is anyone into making up a present wishlist for Christmas? Like, I've seen this done before - people set up wishlists on their journals and if someone can/want to get someone else a gift, they do so. I've sent people drawing easels and other things a few years ago, it was most lovely. You can be asking for fic, for art, or for actual things that people can buy for you. I loved doing this, but I'm not going to put up a list if I'm the only one...

Also, it has started: I'm officially starting to get excited about my birthday coming up. I'm one of these people, I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. I am an attention whore, oh my God.
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This episode. )

In other news, not only are we going to LA next month, not only do we get to meet [ profile] gunslingaaahhh and have a holiday and go to Disney and all that stuff, but also, also, you guys, [ profile] tailoredshirt is joining us for a couple of days and I AM ECSTATIC ABOUT IT. Just, you guys. ::hands:: Good times, GOOD TIMES.

And to end on a perfect note of muscles and tendons and hotness, [ profile] abyssinia posted this outtake of AOLol's Men's Fitness shoot:

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Happy birthday [ profile] somehowunbroken!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeep!

My small offering (I'd have a fic if I didn't suck):

I am in such lust with his hipbones, it's probably not very healthy. EVERYBODY, ENJOY THE SCOTTY.


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