Apr. 12th, 2012

delicatale: (Avengers Bucky is terrified)
You know, I quite enjoy being part of a fairly small niche in a fandom. It's fun, and I know most of the people, and I enjoy all of them, and their writing, and their ideas and their flailing. Of course, I love meeting new people who get into the pairing, who read the fics and get all excited all over again. Best ever.

Which is why I'm so conflicted about The Avengers fandom surely exploding when the movie comes out. Because in a way, I am SUPER excited about having an influx of readers and writers and amazingness, but on the other hand, I am TERRIFIED it's all going to put me off. Will these new people be interested at all in what I write and what I say? Will they cover the sound of my voice with a steady buzz of conversation? Will I drown in the middle of so many other fics and thoughts and people?

It's a selfish thought, I know. I am hoping it will be an amazing experience, that I'll make countless friends like I already have in other fandoms. But a part of me is definitely scared. I don't know if it's rational.


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