Feb. 11th, 2012

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Not posted in a week - life has been busy.

One, I want to say I LOVED that episode of 5-0, it was just absolutely beautiful and although I guess we're not going to see much post-events reactions which is something I'd like to see, the episode itself made my heart shake really hard. A coda related to the episode that made my heart shake again, is this one, Hold on to your heart (is this all you've got to break my fall) by my darling [livejournal.com profile] theellibu. It's beautiful and poignant.

Went to the Stories Before Bedtime reading yesterday, and all I can say really is that Tom Hiddleston is such a presence, so charismatic, an incredible actor. I was enthralled from the moment he got on stage - I've read around that there would be a podcast, and I'd advise anyone to listen to it if it does come out. He took on an American deep south accent that (to me) was flawless, made the most amazing faces and voices, and captured the attention of the audience in an incredible way.
Also, look how gorgeous he looked:
After the show, did the stage door thing, but so did the rest of the theatre, and I didn't get my Thor DVD signed. Rather not than try harder and get trampled, though. It's just not my thing, not really.

Anyway, that is all. I am sorry my life isn't exactly stellar exciting at the moment. I haven't written a word this week, although [livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs and I are discussing possibilities. I am tired as hell but I'll get over it - just getting used to being at work again. The rhythm in this new agency is crazy, and I need to get into it.

I don't think I've missed much in fandom terms but if I have, let me know? (still haven't seen the Bourne trailer, by the way. This makes me sad.)
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Oh, just because I can and this just happened and I actually gasped and stopped breathing for a moment, unable to look away:

Let's talk about how this happened, shall we?

Because here's the thing - Clint likes to drive. He doesn't really get to do it often, but that's one of the things he could escape his life with, back in the circus. Just get in a car and drive away for a while, let his arm hang from the window and allow his mind to roam free, to let go of the constant thrum of anger and desperation buzzing under his skin.

Another thing he likes to do when he can't drive, it's stick his head under the hood of a car and forget about time passing while making sure everything is in order in there. It requires precision, a certain kind of focus that is different from archery but allows the same kind of empty, quiet space inside himself, where everything disappears in the background and only what his fingers are doing matters.

He buys this classic Aston Martin he finds in some junkyard, it's in pieces but very cheap, and Tony doesn't care when Clint asks if he can keep it in a corner of the garage to make it up whenever he's got time. And that's what he does, because Clint wants to drive that car so fucking bad, but he barely can - the Avengers don't really know the concept of vacation or free time, so it's a slow process.

And this one afternoon, when finally he's got a moment to himself, Clint just goes for it, throwing on his oldest wifebeater and comfiest jeans before setting to work on the DB5. He runs his hand over the hood, taking in the shine of the silver paint job, still planning on getting it properly waxed when it's ready, and then he sets to work.

Hours melt away, his tools fanned out around him as he lies under the car, working the steering axis, and he's so into it he doesn't hear the door, or footsteps, until a shoe pokes his wrench. Clint stares at it for a moment, one shining black shoe and then another coming into view, and only then does Clint manages to shake himself out of it, sliding from under the car to look up at Special Agent Coulson, watching his eyes move over Clint's upper body and face.

"We had a briefing, Barton."

Clint grins.

- - -
(be indulgent, I literally wrote this on the spot) Anyone wants to go on with this? I AM SO SHALLOW, BUT THIS IS A LOT OF MY KINKS, RIGHT HERE. THE MECHANIC/GREASE ON A WIFEBEATER AND ARMS THING.


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