Jan. 6th, 2012

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So, I'm feeling like pretty muuuuuchhhh shit. You know how, a few days ago I said I was in agony, yes? It's because I am guessing I pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder area, and I could hardly move my head. It was turning into a dull, sort of controlled ache, until last night, at some point during the night I moved, and Idk, I felt something pop/snap and now it hurts approximately a thousand times more than it did. I didn't get any sleep after that because it was throbbing, and I could barely move to find some sort of comfortable position, because holding my head upright pulls on these muscles and it hurts like a m*therf*cker.
So now I have a hot water bottle against my neck and it's not going far to soothe, but it's better than nothing and it keeps my head upright without me having to use any muscles. I probably need a neck brace, at this point.

In other shit news, I went to meet with my boss yesterday, to talk about our ~work situation, and, as sort of feared, basically it was either get a new office or let people go right away. So he chose to keep us on for a while longer, finish what we've started, but he's giving us the freedom to just go for interviews during our work hours if we have the chance, and he's offering us interview practice, and stuff like that. I think there's only 3 of us being sort of let go, but I'm not exactly sure, because he told me he wanted to do something else, too. At least we're not going into administration or something like that, so he's still paying us and it's not DEEP SHIT. It just sucks. I told him I've got interviews lined up, because it smelled like rubber for us, and he just wished me luck. Fuck.

And speaking of interviews, I had one, after that meeting, yesterday. And it was...Idk. It was quite informal, and all the pretty things I wanted to say about the company didn't come into the discussion, and I don't know if I answered some of their questions the way they wanted me to, but. I try. I'm not really good at all this stuff. However, I have three more interviews on Monday, so there's hope!

ANYWAY. That is the bad, let's get to the good, yes? Yes. [livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs and I ended up signing for the for which we're writing our Love, Actually redux. And it's already 5K (the min word count for the big bang is 15K) and we're still completely at the beginning. And I already love it. Muehehehe.

Aaaand I went to see JEREMY RENNER AND HIS ARSE in the cinema with my friend Lisa the other night and it was a brilliant silly timy FILLED WITH JEREMY RENNER'S ARSE. Oh, that arse in those tailored trousers, my oh my.
Speaking of Jeremy Renner, [livejournal.com profile] kellifer_fic posted this picture on Neve's journal the other day and it inspired all sorts of dolphin noises, so, sharing for those who didn't see (and those who want to see it again):

My insides are still quivering.

Okay, I wanted to talk about photography as part of the snowflake challenge, as it's sort of my non-fannish ~thing, although it was started by fandom. Or not really, it's just all mixed up together. Basically, my non-fannish thing? Live music photography, because I love it so much. I love taking a million pictures and going through them, editing them, remembering exactly when was this and when was that. I had the chance to be in the photo pit for the very first concert of a McFly arena tour last year, and I swear to God the experience was such a thrill. If I had the money to get better equipment than what I have, you have no idea, I would have so much shit. I have so much to learn (which is why I really love reading [livejournal.com profile] vickita's entries and checking out her pictures, because they're amazing), but that's this thing I really enjoy doing outside of the fannish world.

A few examples if you're so inclined )

OKAY OKAY I AM DONE. Sorry! Anyway, that is that. Now, to go back to ~work. Sorry this became so long, wow.


Jan. 6th, 2012 01:46 pm
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Let me present to you, Chris Evans' back, and this little birthmark on the back of his hip:

Under a cut to preserve flists, and those who don't care )


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