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So, as Steve ran and showed his underwear to the world, we got tiny little glimpses of AOLol. And this makes me happy.

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I tend to get jarred when the tramp stamp is written in fic, because Steve doesn't have it, but I do wonder if, in a few years, they'll just write it in (depending on circumstances). Thoughts?
ETA: so after using some googlefu, it seems that Steve is perfectly entitled to have his back done if he so wishes. So why didn't they write in the tat from the very beginning? Thoughts on that? Did they think the tramp stamp v.1 was out of character for Steve? Too ~girly? Or did it come from AOLol? Will they now write in tramp stamp v.2 seeing how different it is, or will they not?
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Okay! [ profile] gunslingaaahhh's got a lovely cuddle fest going on! I am still on sale here!

I am also still quite obsessed with the idea of SCI!Steve rediscovering surfing and the sea. But the thing is I'm hitting sort of a low - in which I feel like I can't write - and I'm terrified of fucking up, so I've got all these images in my head and I really want to write them, but it's freaking me out that nobody would care, which is, I know, silly. But sometimes, I can't quite help myself. I want this story to have a rhythm and to be a little poetic while being realistic over what Steve can and cannot do when he can't use his legs anymore, and I'm not sure I can pull it off.

To be honest, I'm probably going to end up writing it anyway, I know, but sigh, all the same.

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