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So, I may have fallen a liiiiiiiiiittttttle bit in Teen Wolf. It's supremely stupid, because I struggled watching the first few episodes (which, admittedly, are not good), but then I got really engrossed in it. I still laugh whenever they wolf out because it's not well done, imo, and I still could do without Scott in the show, but I definitely am really quite into Stiles and Derek and Jackson and Lydia and, man, it's like True Blood, a show where I like the smaller characters so much more than the main ones.

Anyway, been reading a lot of fic, which is the part I love the most about a new fandom, because all the long, juicy involved sexy fic is available to me, and it's awesome. I try to stay well away from the wanky bits, because apparently there are some, and then there are divides of sorts with other shows and things I don't really want to get involved in, because what's the point, what is the point, seriously.

Anyone can tell me of TW comms on LJ? I need me some icons of Derek, thank you very much.

In other news, started writing my [ profile] avengers_rbb - I have a story and all sorted out, so that's all good, but I stopped after 300 words or so because then the new Captain America title was announced and things kind of snowballed from there.

Meaning, I kinda have 3K of Steve and Bucky are in college fic. It's got an actual plot, and all that. ...Yeah.


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So, I got home from my parents yesterday evening (which was a nightmare, let's not talk about that) and then went on to have a SHIT night and woke up at 6 and watched really bad tv shows for a while before going back to bed and then waking up at 12. Which is more like it, isn't it? Back to work tomorrow so I'm making the most of a day off, even if I'm all alone :(.

My mom bought me a pair of crazy heels for Christmas, hee XD. We're not the kind of family that give a lot of presents, so I got that, and my brother got me perfume (didn't even complain that I didn't get him anything, I think he realised I was really quite upset he didn't even text me for my birthday, in amongst other things), and my grandma knitted me a scarf ([ profile] stjarna1984's mum also did that! I HAVE ALL THE SCARVES). It was good because I was with my family, really, that was all I wanted from these three days and I got it, so, I can't complain.

Other than that, since the next three days at work are probably going to be very quiet, I'll hopefully get to write these drabbles and other things I'm working on. That'd be good, even if I'm still quite angry at the whole 'you can't take holidays you have to be in the office otherwise there won't be enough people' when there is, for a fact, enough people. BUT, TRYING NOT TO BE BITTER, I'll just write all day and fuck it.

Speaking of writing, have a meme, I'll try to have good answers for it!
Give me a character or a pairing (or both) and I will tell you three tidbits of my personal headcanon for them.

In the meantime, I am rewatching Kings.
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(More here)

In other news, I want to use Ryan Gosling as a human pillow, and have him rumble me to sleep with his lovely lovely voice. Also, am starting on Sons of Anarchy and it's all so wrong yet delightful. Also, I do not know what to make of American Horror Story yet, but I'll keep watching it. I watched one episode of Revenge and I need to catch up the rest, because Everwood!AMY! AND KYLE FROM ROSWELL, LOOK AT YOU, YOU'RE SO PRETTY.

Oh! I updated my fic list, with summaries and approximate word counts when on hand. And then some maths told me I have written about 233K since starting in this fandom. Uuuuuuuummmmmm.

In terms of 5-0, you know what I want from this episode? I want it to just wrap up the Kono storyline thing. I just want her to be back on the team. I want to be able to forget they fucked up this whole thing, and once she's back on the team and things are somewhat more ~normal again, I can forget it ever happened and that some really good characters were written really badly in relation to this storyline. That's all I want. It might be a lot, I understand.

Am in a weird mood. Ideas brewing but refusing to actually hatch, too many thoughts about too many things, nothing satisfying enough. It's weird, my brain won't stop but my body won't follow, and I have too many feelings about things that don't matter and I can't change. I kinda feel like hiding away under my duvet for a few days, forget about the world.
Or maybe I'm just getting a bit sick. Or afraid people are getting sick of me.
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I guess the summer, in all its Show hiatus, helps the dwelling into other fandoms for a while. There's Suits, which is entertaining. I've not read much fic, though, I'm not convinced enough for fic, I guess? I've read drabbles here and there, some really good, some a little appalling.

And then there's Sirens. Idk, you guys, there is something about Sirens that keeps me glued to it. Let me start here: Sirens is a British show, about 3 paramedics (Stuart, Ashley and their trainee, Rachid) working in Leeds.

It's an arrogant show, and in a way it should annoy me, but even when I want to punch Stuart (who is the narrator of the show) in the face, I am really into it. I guess Stuart might be my biggest problem with this show - he is an ass, seriously, but he is an ass in a very endearing, weak way. He's got issues - the three of them do - and he's sort of not that afraid to put them out there. He pretends he is, but really, he can be read like an open book by his mates, Maxine especially (God, I love that she doesn't take his shit and they haven't fumbled in bed together, it's so fucking refreshing).

The fact that around Stuart gyrate Rachid and Ashley soften the blow, too, because my, Rachid might be this stupid 'beta' male with a lemming instinct, but he's also the one we can sort of relate to - still learning, still shocked by what he has to witness in his job, and even more open about what he thinks and wants and feels than Stuart. He just leaves them out there for everyone to see and judge and fuck the rest. And then there's Ashley.

Ashley, contrary to the others, doesn't let anything out. He's aloof and he protects himself any way he can - the fact that he's openly gay (and very confident in that, another refreshing thing) might be a part of it, as well (Lord, when any of the others ask him anything about gay sex, it's hilarious and cringe-worthy at the same time, although I do like the fact that they're in the 'I don't care who you fuck you're my mate and I'll rile you up on it' category of friends). I love that he doesn't tell the others anything, keeps his secrets and problems to himself. And when his problems and doubts come out it's with shame and blurted confessions and it hurts a little. But generally he's so confident and sure of who he is and where he is in his life, what he can expect of life and friends and work, it's enthralling. Idk, I just love the character, he is brilliant. (also, for shallow reasons: he is a ginger curly haired man, goddamnit! with a Scottish accent! and he gets naked in the first 20 minutes of the first episode! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?)

Maybe I like the show because it's really well acted and some of the jokes fall flat but some of the jokes are real gems, and the characters are fleshed out and interesting - in contrary to so many medical shows where it's all about having so many people around you lose yourself, here it's truly just the 3 of them paramedics, and a cop, and you really get to learn who they are. The episodes focus on psychological/biological reactions to what happen in their job, and it's a take I've never seen before, and I like it.

So yeah. Sorry about the ramble, I didn't think this would get so long-winded. I really wanted to talk about fic and stuff but huh, this is obviously not happening. There's not a lot of fic in the Sirens fandom - it's still very new, though, and only 5 episodes have aired (out of 6 episodes series, BOO). But hey, the fic is good!

So basically: watch Sirens. If you need download links I'm sure I can provide this for you. Thank you all for your attention.


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