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Just watch this, and tell me it didn't give you warm fuzzy feelings.
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So, I am shallow. It is not news, but sometimes, one of the men I like to sexually objectify do something that just asks me to be shallow.

A proof (quite NSFW). )

Aaaaaaand good morning to you too!
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Sooooooo, NaNo. It's coming now, and you know, I feel like it'd be silly of me to even try, considering that, well, I won't be there for the last week of November, and I'll be busy most weekends. Instead of 1,667 words a day, I should probably have to power through 3/4K a day, as quickly as possible. I have no idea if I can do that, I don't know how busy work will be.
So really, it's a bit silly to think I can do it. However, I really want to? I really really want to. Thing is, I have this plot in my head and it needs SO MUCH WORK and I need to think it through so hard and add a whole ton of details and things to it to hope reaching 50K with it, but I kinda love it a lot? And if I know where I'm going before I start it might be good, I might manage to start with a good rhythm.

I don't know, you guys. I just don't know. I'm really on the fence here, because I really want to use this opportunity to write Steve and Danny as bikers being undercover but not knowing the other is undercover so falling for a ~bad guy as well as trying to get enough evidence to break the whole US-wide MC and dealing with feelings for another man in a place like a MC and and and I just. I want it, you know, sigh, I do. But I don't know if it's smart/responsible/if it's not going to make me lose my mind. Last year was really quite, um, difficult, in several different ways, so I don't know. I really want to do it, I love the challenge and the work and writing a long, involved fic, but vfnjk, I don't know, I just don't.

Now for a bit of McFly talk. )


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