Mar. 9th, 2012


Mar. 9th, 2012 06:58 am
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I'm not memorable. People tend to forget my name, forget my face, forget that I exist, because I'm not one of these 'in your face' type of person. I have been left behind many times, so many times nowadays I'm paranoid of it.

And then there's the writing. My writing's not memorable, it's not something that sticks with people so much. It's enjoyable, fair enough, but is it memorable? I don't think so. I don't think there is a single person in the fandoms I've been in, or am in, that would say I'm their absolute favourite author because my words stick with them, and inspire them, and make them feel things no one else does.

It's back to the being average thing. It's back to me feeling worthless - I am sorry about that. I have had a couple of hard days at work and I'm not really sure what is my life doing at the moment, so I'm questioning everything.

This is not a pity-party post, I am not fishing for compliments. I'm putting it down here so I can try and get used to it, or think of what I can do to improve. In turn, a timely meme:

If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?

You don't had to answer if there is nothing coming to mind. I'll be back with silly fannishly posts soon!

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