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Apparently you can buy a Greek island for $2 million. Guys, let's get together and buy one, yeah?

Tell me about paradise islands and boys. I feel horrendous, I need the pick me up.
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Sooooooooo [ profile] five0bang signups are open and it's a 40k big bang okay which is a lot of words, but I signed up anyway. Because I totally coerced [ profile] sirona_gs into doing it with me - only not really coerced I just tempted her with STUPID PLOT IDEAS and it worked ^_^.

[ profile] five0bang[ profile] five0bang[ profile] five0bang

I don't know how much we can tell about the story (probably anything we want) but we spent the evening yesterday planning STUPID SHIT HAPPENING and I am so excited about it because it is going to be RIDICULOUS and FLUFFY and FUNNY. And I hope people will want to make art for it!

Anyway, that is that. Boxer!Danny has gone over 25K and a very important scene was written yesterday, which is good. Today some porn shall be written.

I wish I had interesting stuff to say, I don't really. My life is divided between work, writing, spending time with my girls and going to gigs. I am running on fumes and tired all the time but it's a good tiredness.

As a parting gift, I shall post a picture of Scotty with his douchey Entourage mates. And another one where idek he just turns me on terribly much.

I'm putting a cut because it's a little big and I have respect for your flist page. )


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