delicatale: (Avengers Cap is sad)
2012-07-01 08:17 pm

Fic: I'll be seeing you, Steve and Peggy, G

I'll be seeing you, ~1,300 words, G, Steve and Peggy. Steve visits Peggy in her nursing home.

Steve clutches his flowers and licks his lips and looks at Peggy, her hair gone white and her lips still red as they were back in the day, her eyes just as doe-eyed, for a second he sees her as young as he’d known her once, all the drawings he’d made of her, and her skin may be paper thin and wrinkled now but she’s still got that same light in her eyes when he looks into them, when she smiles at him.

Something I really wanted to write. It's probably been done and all, but, I don't know, I wanted it. Unbeta'ed, sorry.