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2012-01-26 09:35 pm

Re: dreams and jobs

Last night, I dreamt about being pregnant. Twice in one dream (when, in real life, it's a possibility I'll have trouble getting pregnant). Like, I gave birth and then there was an ellipsis and then I was pregnant again. Not even kidding, I get pregnant dreams when something big happens in my life. I've read somewhere that dreaming about being pregnant means a project coming to fruition, things like that.

Well, this afternoon I had yet another interview, with a big search marketing agency, the kind you hear about when you follow industry news and all, and it was a super technical interview and sort of terrifying, but you know what? I impressed them so much they gave me an offer a few hours later.

It probably has nothing to do with the fact that I dreamt I was pregnant but man, this shit happens. Anyway, I HAVE A JOB. AN AMAZING ONE AT THAT. So I am pleaaaaased, and I want to say thank you to all of you who supported me through the bitching, and TAKE THAT, NOW EX-BOSS WHO TOLD ME TWO DAYS AGO I WAS DOING THINGS WRONG IN INTERVIEWS.

Alllllll the group hug and high five gifs are more than welcome, I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL.

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