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It goes with this. Still sort of obsessed with this crossover when the Bakery!AU doesn't eat my brain.

This time, it's 500 words of fic. )
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Good news: Bakery!AU is over 20K!

Bad news: Neve has left so I'm trying to write on my solo fics/projects. But my Muse doesn't seem to want me to write anything I'm supposed to write. Instead, she's feeding me images of Danny fighting (verbally) with John Connor, and Steve and Danny's first meeting in this Universe (consider Judgment Day happens in 2004, for people who do not know Terminator, they'd have met during the war).

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Hawaii Five-0/Terminator Fusion/AU, yes/no? It's invading my head, and it makes a lot of sense in it. I need help.

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Chapter 3, let me know allllll your thoughts. My love to the people that helped me ♥.

Part One
Part Two

Months and miles from dreams part three; NC-17; 8,932 words )
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I have the biggest knot in my stomach as I type this and you know, I KNOW IT'S STUPID, but what can you do. I need to thank so many people, but mostly [ profile] stjarna1984, [ profile] theellibu, [ profile] sirona_gs and [ profile] perspi. All of you who kicked my ass into gear, got excited about this story, and kept me motivated, thank you so so much. The fic isn't quite finished, but I'm close to an ending and I'm sincerely not able to keep it for myself anymore.

This is the AU that turned into a monster of a fic, where Steve is an active SEAL, and Danny owns a gym in New Jersey. It shall be cut into 7 parts (5 are complete) and this first one is the shortest. This part is PG-13 for some swearing, but it'll turn NC-17 later on.
I am actually terrible at summaries so um. Bear with me and read on?

months and miles from dreams; Steve/Danny; PG-13; 3422 words )
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Hello! Today I have a drabble for you, the last one I wrote for [ profile] sd_ldws. The prompt was Scifi and phase/stun gun/laser gun. I also have a question.

Human cargo, 400 words. )


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