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So, let's say this is because of [ profile] finduilas_clln who told me I should try and write in this fandom before signing up for the challenge, and then [ profile] futureperfect for being the filthy enabler she is.

So this is 315 words of Band of Brothers canon ficlet; set during 'The Last Patrol', and it is Lipton/Speirs. i'd seriously have written a lot more if I wasn't at work on my lunch break, heh. If you've seen/loved the show and know of these characters, please let me know if you think this is any good? It's barely anything but it's a first try and I just don't want to let down the person who I'll be writing for, so while I can I'd like your opinion!

Completely untitled, Lipton/Speirs tiny ficlet )

Can someone tell me where to find BoB icons?
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Possibly I have written a bit during my break. Like, 650 words. So I am giving it to your eyes first, flist, because I trust your judgment. Tell me what you think of my Coop and Ben thank youuuuuuu.

Post 4.05 coda, Ben/Coop (of sorts). )
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First, want to thank you all for the lj v-gifts! And for all the love and support from my previous entry. *kisses all round* you are all the best, truly, and I don't deserve you, BUT I AM KEEPING YOU.

So while I was waiting for data to be processed (things can go so slow through a proxy...) and [ profile] sirona_gs to be around, I found myself, well...writing this. It is sort of a continuation of this post where I had Steve the art student objectify Bucky the live drawing model for a few hundred words, because [ profile] radioaches totally made it a real story in my head, and now it’s sticking to me in bits. So, basically, yes, have about a thousand words more of art student!Steve and naked model!Bucky.

It may also be because Sebastian Stan is featured in 1883 magazine (a href="">see pictures here) and I only expected Hiddles when I bought it. He is so gorgeous his face has been stuck in my head since yesterday. Sue me.

This way )

Still don’t know what to do with it :’).

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Okay, so if you're around here, it's possible you're a new friend, and you do not know of my crazy just yet.

My crazy in action, aka I talk about writing )
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And there I go again. Please forgive me for this, my God. This is the story where Clint adopts a puppy, and Phil's life becomes much more complicated because of it. Thanks to [ profile] laria_gwyn for the beta, so very much!

Margarita; ~4400 words; )
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This morning was H50 watching time, and I liked the episode, buuuuuuuut did not think anything special of it! After 2.10, though, it was to be expected. However, it's not as bad as it was at the beginning of the season! So that's good! Also, Danny, you good little egg, you.

Have one gif, come on. It's not really spoilery. )

Anyway. I blame all the people for wanting to write all the Phil/Clint, lalalala. I am so inconsistent, last week I told [ profile] tailoredshirt and [ profile] gunslingaaahhh how this WOULD NOT HAPPEN. Well, to be fair I don't really want to write Steve/Tony ^_^.

On a related note, Bucky, hey, Bucky, HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME AND PRETTY.

Done. Omg, I am freaking out.

On insomnia

Dec. 5th, 2011 01:15 am
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Couldn't sleep, so just watched Thor.

I guess I understand much better now fandom's obsession over Tom Hiddleston, and Chris Hemsworth's back.


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Okay, so, yes, I am what, a year late. What can I say, it's silly, I can't help it. This would not have happened without the wonderful help and hand-holding of both [ profile] tailoredshirt and [ profile] sirona_gs, let me tell you. ♥ thank you so much.
Just so you know, I am terrified to post this. Heh.

This is not long, and it's mostly me indulging in my usual kink, as in, boxing, handwraps, things like that. So, in which they prepare for a job where Eames will have to be a boxer, and Arthur objectifies him a bit. In his head.

the only safety net i need (is you), Arthur/Eames, ~1250 words )
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Plot bunnies blatter )

Also, can I just say, the Hawaii Five-0 soundtrack could have been called 'STEVE AND DANNY LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH', because this is so very slashy, thank you very much, I like it a lot.
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We went to the seaside yesterday. So, okay, we could only stay an hour or so because of the silly traffic, but, still, it felt good. There is something about the sea wind and the salt on your lips and how nice it is to breathe clean, fresh air. London makes me feel polluted, despite how much I love this place.

I didn't have my camera, but ya know, let's pretend.

This is Southend-On-Sea! There was a huge fair and kids running around and people looking for treasures in the sand, and the girls had chips and I saw clouds in forms of carrots and goats and giant squids and it was really nice.

Anyway, before this, there was a lot of time in the car, stuck in traffic, singing along to Glee songs, then to the Hairspray soundtrack, and then to McFly. Hairspray and McFly you will always find on our roadtrip soundtracks.

And listening to McFly in the car on the way from Southend, I kept on thinking 'say I have three songs to make people that don't know McFly, like them, or at least think 'well, these boys can perform a good song', what would these songs be?'

And I found them. So, okay, I know most of you won't bother listening to these three songs/watching these three videos, but these three could easily encapsulate why I love McFly as much as I do. So if you like music (or if you like me, hehe), check that out. Remember, McFly plays pop rock at the best, mostly pop. If you hate it, then that's fine.

First up is the song Room On The 3rd Floor. The studio version doesn't do justice to the live version. They're not playing it live anymore, which is a bloody shame because it's beautiful and powerful and they've got this singalong part that, in an arena, sounds absolutely mindblowing.

Watch it, listen to it. It gives me the biggest goosebumps to watch this video, because I was there (not at Wembley, but at other dates), and the whole thing made me cry my eyes out.

Second one is called Not Alone, and it's another live version because the studio version is not as intense. Just so you know, my love for this band has a lot to do with this man here in this video, Danny Jones. In the studio version of this song, it's both singers on, but for this tour, they let Danny go on with it, on his own. And even now, I'm listening to it and I get full body shivers, and I remember all that this song means to me, and I don't care that he's talking about religion, because I'm taking this song to my own little level. And his voice and his freckles do things to me, okay.

Third one is a song called The Heart Never Lies, and okay, it might sound cheesy and all that, I get it, seriously, I do. But this song means so much to me when thinking about what my BFFlatmates and I went through to be where we are now, it means so much when thinking about how fucking twisted it can be to be a fan of this band sometimes, and yet, you know, we're still there.

Okay so I apologise for this video, it's just that I took it myself at their latest arena tour and they've changed the lyrics because they basically know exactly how we feel and it's pretty fucking cool. However, if you liked it a little but want better quality,
Youtube is teeming with videos.

So there. if I had three songs to make someone listen to - not to become a fan of McFly, but more to maybe get my journey with this band, possibly, it'd be these three. And I'd like to know what you think.
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Okay. Flist, I have a favour to ask of you. See, I have found something to write in the end, and the plot kinda opened up before me this morning so I'm quite happy with this. I've started again on my H50/Terminator crossover.

And I'd like concrit on this, but the problem is that, since it's a crossover, I don't really want to force my usual go-to people to read something they might not be into at all. Also, if they just know about it and are not into it much, they won't be able to tell me what's wrong on the Terminator side of the story. So basically, I want to bother someone that loves both H50 and Terminator with this. And I know I might be the only one in the fandom, but I thought I'd ask anyway?

This fic takes place post Salvation and pre Terminator. Takes place during the war, basically, because this is what I like to write the most in this universe. Kyle and John are portrayed as they are in Salvation, and Marcus is around (do not tell me he died, okay, he didn't die), and I have not mentioned Kate because I'm a douche and I'm mirroring Steve/Danny to John/Marcus.

Anyway, if there is anyone quite familiar with both universes and interested in giving me concrit, please raise your hand.
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I guess the summer, in all its Show hiatus, helps the dwelling into other fandoms for a while. There's Suits, which is entertaining. I've not read much fic, though, I'm not convinced enough for fic, I guess? I've read drabbles here and there, some really good, some a little appalling.

And then there's Sirens. Idk, you guys, there is something about Sirens that keeps me glued to it. Let me start here: Sirens is a British show, about 3 paramedics (Stuart, Ashley and their trainee, Rachid) working in Leeds.

It's an arrogant show, and in a way it should annoy me, but even when I want to punch Stuart (who is the narrator of the show) in the face, I am really into it. I guess Stuart might be my biggest problem with this show - he is an ass, seriously, but he is an ass in a very endearing, weak way. He's got issues - the three of them do - and he's sort of not that afraid to put them out there. He pretends he is, but really, he can be read like an open book by his mates, Maxine especially (God, I love that she doesn't take his shit and they haven't fumbled in bed together, it's so fucking refreshing).

The fact that around Stuart gyrate Rachid and Ashley soften the blow, too, because my, Rachid might be this stupid 'beta' male with a lemming instinct, but he's also the one we can sort of relate to - still learning, still shocked by what he has to witness in his job, and even more open about what he thinks and wants and feels than Stuart. He just leaves them out there for everyone to see and judge and fuck the rest. And then there's Ashley.

Ashley, contrary to the others, doesn't let anything out. He's aloof and he protects himself any way he can - the fact that he's openly gay (and very confident in that, another refreshing thing) might be a part of it, as well (Lord, when any of the others ask him anything about gay sex, it's hilarious and cringe-worthy at the same time, although I do like the fact that they're in the 'I don't care who you fuck you're my mate and I'll rile you up on it' category of friends). I love that he doesn't tell the others anything, keeps his secrets and problems to himself. And when his problems and doubts come out it's with shame and blurted confessions and it hurts a little. But generally he's so confident and sure of who he is and where he is in his life, what he can expect of life and friends and work, it's enthralling. Idk, I just love the character, he is brilliant. (also, for shallow reasons: he is a ginger curly haired man, goddamnit! with a Scottish accent! and he gets naked in the first 20 minutes of the first episode! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?)

Maybe I like the show because it's really well acted and some of the jokes fall flat but some of the jokes are real gems, and the characters are fleshed out and interesting - in contrary to so many medical shows where it's all about having so many people around you lose yourself, here it's truly just the 3 of them paramedics, and a cop, and you really get to learn who they are. The episodes focus on psychological/biological reactions to what happen in their job, and it's a take I've never seen before, and I like it.

So yeah. Sorry about the ramble, I didn't think this would get so long-winded. I really wanted to talk about fic and stuff but huh, this is obviously not happening. There's not a lot of fic in the Sirens fandom - it's still very new, though, and only 5 episodes have aired (out of 6 episodes series, BOO). But hey, the fic is good!

So basically: watch Sirens. If you need download links I'm sure I can provide this for you. Thank you all for your attention.
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I did it, I'm mad, oh well whatever. If anyone wants to give me thoughts about what could be a very very random weapon Steve could use to kill zombies, do so! it's going to be what I amuse myself with the most in this story.

No real plot or anything, but whatever. I sorely blame [ profile] somehowunbroken and [ profile] shinysylver. It's their fault.

As for the Bakery!AU of DOOM, have a progress bar:

Yep. In two days.

This fandom will be the death of me, for serious.
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Sooooooooo [ profile] five0bang signups are open and it's a 40k big bang okay which is a lot of words, but I signed up anyway. Because I totally coerced [ profile] sirona_gs into doing it with me - only not really coerced I just tempted her with STUPID PLOT IDEAS and it worked ^_^.

[ profile] five0bang[ profile] five0bang[ profile] five0bang

I don't know how much we can tell about the story (probably anything we want) but we spent the evening yesterday planning STUPID SHIT HAPPENING and I am so excited about it because it is going to be RIDICULOUS and FLUFFY and FUNNY. And I hope people will want to make art for it!

Anyway, that is that. Boxer!Danny has gone over 25K and a very important scene was written yesterday, which is good. Today some porn shall be written.

I wish I had interesting stuff to say, I don't really. My life is divided between work, writing, spending time with my girls and going to gigs. I am running on fumes and tired all the time but it's a good tiredness.

As a parting gift, I shall post a picture of Scotty with his douchey Entourage mates. And another one where idek he just turns me on terribly much.

I'm putting a cut because it's a little big and I have respect for your flist page. )


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