Dec. 2nd, 2011 06:32 pm
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We are back! Which is sad, to be fair, because, well, I loved being in LA and I didn't want to leave. We are exhausted, too, so I'll post pictures and things soon. I really had a fabulous time, and I cannot thank [ profile] gunslingaaahhh enough for keeping us at her flat and driving us around, and [ profile] tailoredshirt for coming all the way to see me. It was so, so lovely! And you guys, I even tanned a little bit. And I brought back all the M&M's, AH!

Anyway, head over to [ profile] h50_exchange because if you didn't know yet, reveals were put up! Excitement!

Anyway. Just one picture, say hello to my feet in the Pacific ocean when we went to Malibu! )
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[ profile] zombiebang fic is finished! Yep yep.

I reaaaaaaaaally want to write something someday, where Steve has Synesthesia. Because it's fascinating, you guyyyyyys, STOP ME FROM GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF ALL THE TIME.

(In H50 related news, just. Oh my God, fandom, you need to take a dump, you're all tense. Can we wait until the first episode of S2 airs before going to war?)

And then there was this picture:

So boyfriends have lunch together in an organic food shop. And when this lovely young lady comes to them to ask for a picture, Alex asks her if she wants him to take his shirt off for the picture? (no jokes, it's here)

It is obvious I am wasting my life in London. If you're looking for me, I'll be packing up the Fort. Girls, we're going to Hawaii.
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Maybe right now is the perfect time to plan holidays far, far away. I don't know. It feels weird, I'm a little torn between my genuine excitement and how horrible I feel about the riots. It's not political or anything, I'm just concerned about my friends, and this city I love, that has been my home away from home for 2 years now.

But still, it has happened, we finally have planned a holiday, and we're going to Los Angeles, and oh, you have no idea just how happy I am about this. Because it's been more than 5 years since I really went on holiday anywhere far, because I've never been to the US, because I feel like a little girl that's getting her wish come true.

So I'm torn. But fuck do I deserve a holiday. I do.
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Today is [ profile] stjarna1984's birthday, and that is fantastic and she got presents this morning and hugs and Hello Kitty cakes so all is well with the world. I would like to write a birthday fic for her as another present but apparently words fail me for the things she wants to read, I am the worst of friends.

I am still on auction here @ helpthesouth, if you want me as your writing slave, all the while doing something good, go ahead! I have no idea how much the bid is at at this moment right now, lol, I suck at life.

Tonight is burgers at a diner, M&M's and TENNINCH! I have not read nor seen Much Ado About Nothing so I don't know what it's about (hey, I'm French, we didn't read Shakespeare at school, we read Moliere), and I'm a little scared the old English is going to lose me, but at the same time I am quite excited because vhvlfbsvh going to the theateeeeeeerrrrrrr. I am excited by this. Also, David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

AND since we're moving at the weekend today is my last day at work for this week as I'll spend Thursday and Friday packing. I will have to admit, as much as I loathe packing and I have collected an impressive amount of things (mostly clothes) since moving here, I am so very excited about moving. I love the new place! It's smaller but I enjoy the layout much more. So wheeeeee, moving!

[ profile] tailoredshirt has the last 2 chapters of Boxer!Danny for betaing and I am waiting on [ profile] sirona_gs to possibly talk about trying to start the BAKERY!AU OF DOOM. The weather is nice, it's sunny without being too hot, and I'm being quietly productive at work.

Now, I just want the 7 next hours to go by quickly, thank you very much.
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Weeee you guys I am back to being ginger all over and it feels SO NICE. In the past few years I have been blonde, brunette and ginger, and I can honestly say that ginger is the colour I feel the best with. It makes me feel more confident, is that weird?


Off to the countryside for the weekend, going to see [ profile] stjarna1984's parents which means I'll be drunk and full of amazing food for 2 days, WEEEEEEE. I love her parents, seriously.

No news on the flat but hopefully that will be sorted soon because I don't want to have to ask for days off too late....oh well we'll see.

Boxer!Danny has reached 50k, you guys. But it's almost finished, I am literally a scene and a bit away from the end. Hopefully will be finished by Monday evening, and then [ profile] sirona_gs and I can start the BAKERY AU OF DOOM AND AMAZINGNESS.

Okay, time to pack.


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