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Morning you guys!

Work is so quiet this morning, there's only 4 of us in the office, and I have to say - I like it. I still don't have much to do so my day should consist of writing and editing php files in notebook because I am hardcore and shit. (edit: by the time I'm finishing this entry, there is now 6 of us! Including my office crush who walked from Euston and is soaked from head to toe because London is very wet today and I have very inappropriate thoughts right now. HE LOOKS VERY PRETTY WET OKAY.)

Speaking of notebook, the other night Tom - from McFly - and his fiancee went to see Shrek the Musical and she tweeted saying that he dressed up as Noah from The Notebook and then we saw pictures and okay. The flat cap and the rolled up jeans and the awful awful moustache just don't do it for me. Considering what an amazing face he has, I don't want him to sport a moustache.

BUT. Then there were these pictures:


From the Boxer!Danny soundtrack, I put a McFly song in - it wasn't the version I wanted. Here is the version I wanted:

Watch it, watch itttttt, you will not regret it, it's so beautiful.

Anyway. I should start posting Boxer!Danny soon. I am looking for a title, [ profile] stjarna1984 has the first chapter to beta in her hands and we'll go from there. I'm getting closer to an end, now, and in a way, I am SO HAPPY because phew, that story is a lot of work, and in another way I am SO SAD because I have grown attached to these characters and this universe so so much. I don't know. We'll see. It's a labor of love, seriously, I've been living this fic for a while now. We'll see. but soon enough I'll stop talking about it! \o/ that should make you happy.

I'd love to have some cover art for the soundtrack but hey, it's not a big bang and I have lost my photoshop mojo a while ago. AW WELL.

I think it's all I've got for right now. Lalalaaaa ENTERTAIN ME PEOPLE.


(click it gets bigger) HE. HE AND HIS FACE. HE COULD. JUST ANYTHING.
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So the new challenge on [ profile] h50_flashfic is giving me the best excuse to dig into another one of my Danny-as-a-boxer bunnies. Now, it'd be AU (obviously) and it would allow me to indulge in my desire to write them in New Jersey and to write Danny sort of trapped in the middle of his Mafiosi family (what, it's my personal canon that some of the members of his family as less than straight arrows and it kinda pushed him into being a cop). And I have a feeling I'd love to write it, and I want to, but you have no idea how terrified I am about it, too.

I don't know, you guys. I know I should listen to my Muse and the Hell with it and write what I want to write, right? I know that. Plus it's obvious that Danny-as-a-boxer has its charms, seeing that we got more than a hundred comments on Fighting Chance, although I believe [ profile] sirona_gs's participation with that one helped a lot, too (by all means, I'm still completely floored when I think about all the feedback we've had on this story, it's just amazing and it makes my heart swell so big I feel like I'm going to choke). But then again Fighting Chance wasn't really AU, it was just a backstory.

So, yeah, I don't know. Blah blah blah insecurities blah. Feel free to tell me I'm an asshole, btw, I'm okay with that, I know. By all means I'll probably end up writing it and fuck the consequences? It's usually the way it goes. Because I am weak in the face of Steve and Danny. And in the face of Danny-as-a-boxer. For those who need the reminder: this picture, and this picture and this picture.

In other news, I am a sheep so got myself the new Gaga album. I am mostly disappointed as of now. I know so many people compare Gaga to marmite - it's either you hate her or you love her, but I'm as indifferent about Gaga as I hate Marmite (seriously, UK, why do you even, I don't understand). I like the music enough. The thing is I usually start not liking the songs at all when they first come out, and then they grow on me. Gaga as a person I absolutely do not care about. But you know, I thought why not, bought the album on iTunes this morning. Mostly disappointed as it is. Some really good songs (Schei├če, Hair, The Edge of Glory) and songs I think I will skip forever (Electric Chapel, Heavy Metal Lover). In the middle, songs that I am *shruggity shrug* about. maybe it'll grow on me, but I doubt I will listen to it as much as I have listened to The Fame Monster.

OKAY, I AM DONE BEING SNOBBISH ABOUT MUSIC. LET ME BE EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS LESS-THAN-COOL AND I DON'T GIVE A SHIT: Hanson's 5 of 5 in London is in 2 weeks vfhvsfbvhsjlrgyweruoggbfhdvjl I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I am going mostly on my own and I don't even give a single fuck, I am so happy to see them do this here.

*composes self and goes back to work* talking about work, Hot M must know that I am very hormonal and in the 'I could jump anyone right now' phase of my cycle because he is prancing around the office wearing a plaid outershirt with a clingy white t-shirt underneath. He wants me to stroke out, clearly.
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My Muse really needs to stop invading my thoughts with new bunnies involving Danny-as-a-boxer. It's bordering on obsession.
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Mind. Broken. )

Other than that, if you follow [ profile] leupagus and have been scarred by her sharing of the movie I innocently talked about in comment yesterday, well...I AM SORRY OK. FEEL MY PAIN.


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