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Hey guys? I really want to do a picspam of Tyler Hoechlin/Derek Hale (because I just...want to?), but I am at work and I can't really be trolling the interwebs for pictures and gifs of this fine specimen of amazingness. Want to make my day brilliant and help me?

I'll just put a couple of gifs that were on my Tumblr to start us:

There. And if happen to come by this post and you do not know Tyler Hoechlin, here, be introduced.
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Right so possibly I haven't checked LJ in a long time, for which I APOLOGISE. I may never get back on track so if something important was written and you feel like I should know, please let me know.

In the meantime, well, during the Olympics my office lets us do flexi-time, so I've been home on time for the Gymnastics events, which are my favourites. And I feel like you guys should meet my new favourite gymnast, this beautiful ladyboy of a man, Marcel NGuyen, of the German team.

Thanks to [ profile] foxxcub, you get a picspam.

This way! )


there should be slash.
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Question to you, my dear Flisters that I love immensely: how many of you give a shit about Taylor Kitsch?

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Because we are watching In Enemy Hands, in which Clark Gregg features, and then I just wanted to do this. Because his face is the kind of face that makes headaches go away.

This will most probably feature spoilers from many movies and trailers of movies.

The I ♥ Clark Gregg's face post!

Give the man your love - he deserves it! No bashing, thank you. Spread and enjoy!

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Fic recs (all of the Coulson/Barton variety):

- In The Backseat by [ profile] sirona_gs. I have no finished reading it yet, but I know the end will be just as perfect as the beginning, as everything Neve writes.
- Brand New Day by [ profile] kellifer_fic. Because, just because, fuck, how can you not. Most beautiful.
- Lemme grab a seat and I'll tell ya about our hard, hard day by SidneySussex, the best Christmas story ever. EVER.
Now, your turn, because ALL THE FICS.

I'm stopping there because otherwise I never will. THANK YOU.
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Today is a bit glum, isn't it? So why not brighten everybody's day by bringing you...*drumroll*...

The Chris Evans silly face's ♥ fest!

Image heavy of the Chris Evans variety (contains images and gifs of the mostly naked variety if you are at work) )
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Feeling slightly better after a good, hard cry. Got another recruiter on my case, got to keep positive.

Noooowwwwww guys guys you know what could be amazing? If this entry became a festival of pretty. That'd definitely cheer me up, and anyone who needs cheering up, too? Post your favourite pictures of your favourite men and women, clothing optional! Let's make this entry a place to come back and wrap ourselves in the beautiful. What do you think? Isn't that a neat idea? I can even start with a few.

Not many, and of varying sizes, but it's a start! WORK WITH ME PEEPS. )
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If you're not friends with [ profile] theellibu, well, you're missing out. Not only because she is a fantastic person, but also because she finds the best pictures.

I'm sorry, what? AOLol is fucking James Bond? Think so. )
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Oh, MY GOD, you guys, [ profile] shinysylver just showed me this picture and I just. OH, MY GOD.

Spoilers for 2.10. I CAN'T WAIT. )
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Okay, STOP THE PRESSES, I am posting twice in five minutes and I DON'T CARE, because [ profile] abyssinia pointed me towards MORE OUTTAKES, and I need to share because if I don't I will die.

Have many pictures of Alex. )
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So, as Steve ran and showed his underwear to the world, we got tiny little glimpses of AOLol. And this makes me happy.

Some pretty here. )

I tend to get jarred when the tramp stamp is written in fic, because Steve doesn't have it, but I do wonder if, in a few years, they'll just write it in (depending on circumstances). Thoughts?
ETA: so after using some googlefu, it seems that Steve is perfectly entitled to have his back done if he so wishes. So why didn't they write in the tat from the very beginning? Thoughts on that? Did they think the tramp stamp v.1 was out of character for Steve? Too ~girly? Or did it come from AOLol? Will they now write in tramp stamp v.2 seeing how different it is, or will they not?
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So, so, so. So not only it is H50 day (well to be fair, for us it'll be tomorrow but still, you know),but also yesterday was Emmy day and well, HELLO MISTER CAAN.

How pretty is he. How pretty are they? vdfklvsfj.

Also, I have learned that Peter Dinklage won and I never thought he would, heeeeeeee SO HAPPY. But most importantly, the first thing I saw when I woke up, from [ profile] gossy16, is that Kyle Chandler and Jason Katims won their Emmy's, and I am just. I am floored, and happy, and my heart is bursting and seriously, I read her entry and almost started crying, just, OH, SHOW, SHOW, they deserved it so much, and I am so, so pleased. So pleased!

In non-Emmy's related news, let's get excited!

[ profile] h50_holidayswap [ profile] h50_holidayswap [ profile] h50_holidayswap

frenzy 2 marlon brando

Also, I keep on seeing posts about how people are writing their [ profile] h50_exchange fic and heee, makes me happy! Mine is finished, just needs to be beta'ed, and I quiiiiiite like it.

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We went to the seaside yesterday. So, okay, we could only stay an hour or so because of the silly traffic, but, still, it felt good. There is something about the sea wind and the salt on your lips and how nice it is to breathe clean, fresh air. London makes me feel polluted, despite how much I love this place.

I didn't have my camera, but ya know, let's pretend.

This is Southend-On-Sea! There was a huge fair and kids running around and people looking for treasures in the sand, and the girls had chips and I saw clouds in forms of carrots and goats and giant squids and it was really nice.

Anyway, before this, there was a lot of time in the car, stuck in traffic, singing along to Glee songs, then to the Hairspray soundtrack, and then to McFly. Hairspray and McFly you will always find on our roadtrip soundtracks.

And listening to McFly in the car on the way from Southend, I kept on thinking 'say I have three songs to make people that don't know McFly, like them, or at least think 'well, these boys can perform a good song', what would these songs be?'

And I found them. So, okay, I know most of you won't bother listening to these three songs/watching these three videos, but these three could easily encapsulate why I love McFly as much as I do. So if you like music (or if you like me, hehe), check that out. Remember, McFly plays pop rock at the best, mostly pop. If you hate it, then that's fine.

First up is the song Room On The 3rd Floor. The studio version doesn't do justice to the live version. They're not playing it live anymore, which is a bloody shame because it's beautiful and powerful and they've got this singalong part that, in an arena, sounds absolutely mindblowing.

Watch it, listen to it. It gives me the biggest goosebumps to watch this video, because I was there (not at Wembley, but at other dates), and the whole thing made me cry my eyes out.

Second one is called Not Alone, and it's another live version because the studio version is not as intense. Just so you know, my love for this band has a lot to do with this man here in this video, Danny Jones. In the studio version of this song, it's both singers on, but for this tour, they let Danny go on with it, on his own. And even now, I'm listening to it and I get full body shivers, and I remember all that this song means to me, and I don't care that he's talking about religion, because I'm taking this song to my own little level. And his voice and his freckles do things to me, okay.

Third one is a song called The Heart Never Lies, and okay, it might sound cheesy and all that, I get it, seriously, I do. But this song means so much to me when thinking about what my BFFlatmates and I went through to be where we are now, it means so much when thinking about how fucking twisted it can be to be a fan of this band sometimes, and yet, you know, we're still there.

Okay so I apologise for this video, it's just that I took it myself at their latest arena tour and they've changed the lyrics because they basically know exactly how we feel and it's pretty fucking cool. However, if you liked it a little but want better quality,
Youtube is teeming with videos.

So there. if I had three songs to make someone listen to - not to become a fan of McFly, but more to maybe get my journey with this band, possibly, it'd be these three. And I'd like to know what you think.
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Woke up at 4 in the morning to watch the live stream of SOTB. Do not regret it! Hardcore fangirling happened, all the while on Skype with [ profile] gunslingaaahhh and that was absolutely lovely!


There are so many more, but you know. Favourites. Now the wait for the premiere (that we can all see tyvm ;D) feels like forever...Really, really want to do my best to go there next year, seriously. LET'S ALL GET TOGETHER IN HAWAII.
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vefjkwblr. this is my initial reaction. Also, that picture where he looks about to kiss that girl, my stomach went FLIP.

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Oh, you guys, I just. [ profile] crossmymind sent these over to me, because SHE IS AMAZING, LET IT BE NOTED (thank you so much!), and I have never seen these pictures before and this is making me HAPPY. And she told me I could share, so I am sharing, because who would I be not to share wet!almost naked!Scotty Caan. I'd be a very horrible person, that's who I'd be.

These pictures are from 2007, and look at him, being a goof in the south of France! WHY DID I LIVE IN THE NORTHEAST FOR MOST OF MY LIFE, NO CELEBRITY I LOVE COME IN THE NORTHEAST OF FRANCE, EVEN LESS HALF NAKED. SIGH. (at least in London I get the celebrity part.)

Seriously, my flist, I love you all so much, do know it.
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Tired of your inability to work, Lj. I want to post something but I'll wait for you to work better so I can actually do it properly. Also, it doesn't have a title ^^.

I thought I was getting better, but I obviously have some residual hormonal shit going on right now because I feel completely unwanted and I just want to curl up in a corner and cry for a while. Great, I tell you.

In the meantime, out there in the world somewhere, this happened:

I'll be over there.
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