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One of the things I can now cross off my bucket list: walking a red carpet. Because I've done that and it's very squishy.

At first, I wrote off yesterday evening as a 'we'll get to see the movie before everybody else and that's that', which is not a bad thing, considering it was free, I'm not going to complain. Everybody with tickets to the premiere were rushed inside and seated before the actors arrivals, so a few girls complained and went downstairs into the pens to catch a glimpse. My friend Louise and I just stayed upstairs because it was FREEZING and we couldn't be arsed. I didn't think I'd meet anybody from the cast anyway.

They showed the red carpet arrivals on screen so we saw it all though - which was really weird considering they were just downstairs. Chris Pine was drunk, Tom Hardy was sick, and Reese Witherspoon got there fashionably late, which means the movie started an hour after it was supposed to, bless ^^.

Spoilers for This Means War if you plan on seeing it (not revealing the ending though I'm not that kind of girl )

After the movie we found ourselves rubbing shoulders with McG (he directed the movie) in the stairs, and we came out of the theatre, wondering what to do, when we saw the cars the actors came in were all lined up along the street, so decided to stick around for a little bit, JUST IN CASE.

And, this happened.

(picture of a picture, because Louise smells and she can't find her camera cord in her mess XD. (also, see how short I am, considering he is about 5'9'' and I was wearing 4 inch heels.))

He took pictures with everyone, refusing to leave before everybody had a picture/an autograph even though he said his wife was waiting in the car (also, sick). And he is MASSIVE and BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY and, sigh.

That...that was nice. I still can't quite believe it.
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Finished watching Generation Kill, and I have all the feelings of manly men not talking about their feelings and expressing themselves through their fists and VJBFKLVFJKL DOC WAS MY FAVOURITE. If anyone has fic to rec me, please do, thank youuuuu. I have a feeling the biggest pairing is probably going to be Fick/Brad, I AM OKAY WITH THAT.

Still writing my Phil-and-Clint-hide-away-in-England fic. Taking my time and savouring it, really. Hoping to finish it this week, though...Got a Big Bang to write with [ profile] sirona_gs, too! This stuff won't write itself!

Oh, guys, I have just read tweets that Tom Hardy is poorly and might not make an appearance to the premiere tonight. Now, I am still going, FOR REASONS THAT ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT SHALLOW AT ALL, but this makes me sad. I don't want him to be poorly :(. I guess if he's not there it eliminates the 'what do I do/say apart from unladylike giggles and swooning if he ever comes close to me' issue. Issue which I do not have with Chris Pine.

Also, [ profile] ariadne83 has the most amazing plot bunny and I want to roll in it forever and ever because, yes. It is pretty much perfection. Also, there is now a [ profile] bucky_kink community! HOW HAPPY AND WONDERFUL.

Speaking of Bucky, Just Jared has reported that Sebastian Stan is to guest in an episode of Once Upon a Time, which makes me SO HAPPY, because a) Sebastian Stan, b) Once Upon a Time, c) those two things together.

Okay, I am done with the most random entry in the history of EVER. THANK YOUUUU.
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The Sun has a 9 minutes long preview of This Means War, which you can also find on Charldidos' Tumblr if the Sun website doesn't let you watch it.


Also it seems I have won tickets to the premiere. Someone wake me up.


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