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Two things:

1. I hope everyone, everyone on the path of Sandy is safe and sound, hopefully dry. I cannot even begin to know how difficult and scary it must be, so I can only say that I'm thinking of you all, constantly, and if there is anything that can be done through the internet/fandom/chinese whispers, let me know.

2. LJ is fucking us up again, and this time, it's big. The new flist style means we all have the same generic look, like Tumblr and Facebook. I personally don't have an issue reading it (it's a white background and black text) but I know many people who will. Since we cannot trust LJ not to implement this forever, I'd just thought I'd let you all know - if a massive exodus happens, I am also at, please add me to your circles!
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So LJ has not worked at work at all today, but at home it works perfectly fine. Now I am worried it will not work at work tomorrow! Although it did help me being productive, which is not necessarily bad XD.

Wrote many many many words of Steve-with-a-baby! And I'm kinda in love with Catherine in it because Steve and Catherine are total BFFs and she's adorable. And then as you can see on [ profile] sirona_gs we planned the next scene and it is RIDICULOUS and I am still reading it over because it's funny - amuse yourselves with our silly conversations.

Other than that, I'm feeling better! PMSing is over \o/. And I wanted to say thank you to all of you that commented on my 'what makes a good writer' entry. It's quite inspiring to re-read it!


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