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I wanted to say, to everyone that commented on my previous entry, and everybody else, too: thank you. It means a lot.

Now, in the spirit of kindness, and cheering myself (and others up), have a floating little Arthur that you can move around:

float arthur float by *Viceversa on deviantART

I find myself making little noises to go along with it. Arthur would not be impressed with me, really.
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(guys guys love meme join and share!)

Another kink meme fill! I had this one in my head all day, and I just gave in. The prompt was: "Eames awakes from a dream/experiment with ridiculously heightened senses. And the pheromones from Arthur are driving him crazy.
So lots of nosing, licking, inhaling against his skin etc."
Thanks to [ profile] tailoredshirt for the help and the push to write it ^^.

So, um, yeah. Idk, it just happened. Ta-daa?

We might live like never before, about 1250 words again )
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I committed kink fill the other day, and I didn't even make it kinky, what the hell. I also need so many more icons.


The picture they paint (prompt + fill); Arthur/Eames; PG
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Okay, so, yes, I am what, a year late. What can I say, it's silly, I can't help it. This would not have happened without the wonderful help and hand-holding of both [ profile] tailoredshirt and [ profile] sirona_gs, let me tell you. ♥ thank you so much.
Just so you know, I am terrified to post this. Heh.

This is not long, and it's mostly me indulging in my usual kink, as in, boxing, handwraps, things like that. So, in which they prepare for a job where Eames will have to be a boxer, and Arthur objectifies him a bit. In his head.

the only safety net i need (is you), Arthur/Eames, ~1250 words )


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