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Fiiiiiiiiiic! It was silly and stupid and I had that idea and ran it past [ profile] sirona_gs and then, we were writing! It was supposed to be a 5 things fic, but then it naturally became a 3 things fic, and I really enjoyed writing this. It's all about Steve cooking all the things Danny likes the best to woo him! Anyway, enough of my blabbering, just head over and reaaaaaaad:

Mission 'Secure Danno's Affections'
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[ profile] sirona_gs and I joined forces again! Another good-sized baby, because apparently we can't write short fics. So this time we wrote Pa and Ma Williams visiting Hawai'i and being much less oblivious than their son. Complete with a dash of angst, a good dose of pining, and some heavy frottage! All the thanks to my most lovely [ profile] stjarna1984 for the beta :D.

...and of course it's too large to be in only post.

A million ways to be a good one; ~13,500 words )
Part II
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So [ profile] sirona_gs and I wanted to write something stupidly fluffy and happy and easy, and I came over to her with this idea: 'STEVE+A BABY NEVER COME ON LET'S WRITE IT' and so we did, and [ profile] stjarna1984 betaed it. This is AU, in which Danny's a retired cop working as a daycare center manager, and Steve is a retired Navy-SEAL turned SEAL school professor and Daddy. It's just some silly fun, not to be taken seriously. Enjoy!

Stepping Stones; 15 545 words. )
Part II
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So LJ has not worked at work at all today, but at home it works perfectly fine. Now I am worried it will not work at work tomorrow! Although it did help me being productive, which is not necessarily bad XD.

Wrote many many many words of Steve-with-a-baby! And I'm kinda in love with Catherine in it because Steve and Catherine are total BFFs and she's adorable. And then as you can see on [ profile] sirona_gs we planned the next scene and it is RIDICULOUS and I am still reading it over because it's funny - amuse yourselves with our silly conversations.

Other than that, I'm feeling better! PMSing is over \o/. And I wanted to say thank you to all of you that commented on my 'what makes a good writer' entry. It's quite inspiring to re-read it!
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So. It'll most probably get written anyway, because we can, but I like polls and this amused me, so, have a poll on to what should Neve and I write next!

[Poll #1762346]
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Here we are with the bakery!AU as of today:
32446 / 40000 (81.12%)

CRAZY. I can barely believe this. But I am enjoying it so much. I really miss posting things, though, I want to post a little ficlet, but I have no idea what it could be, and what I wrote for the memes (check previous entry) doesn't please me enough =/. I wish I could write you better things, people! I really do. In the meantime I'm having some fun with [ profile] thegrrrl2002 over at her journal, heehee.

[ profile] tailoredshirt, thank you so much for the chocolate userhead, heeeeee ♥.
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I guess the whole kiss thing was for some kind of celebrations I had/have no idea of? Because I got three, yes, THREE v-gifts of kisses and it makes me super gleeful and excited and I want to kiss you all because of it! Thank you for the v-gifts, you have no idea how happy it makes me ^^.

Other than that, didn't write much in the Bakery!AU because both Neve and I were really distracted yesterday, and today will probably not have a lot of writing for that either, we'll see! I have started on the Zombiebang, though, I have written my 300 words of exposition and now I'll crank up the gore and the ranting. Thank you all so much for your ideas and links and glee, it was most entertaining and awesome!

Progress bars, because they amuse me:



[ profile] helpthesouth auction is finished, and [ profile] thegrrrl2002 won me! I am excited about this, I went for $40! That is most amazing and I am really happy to be able to do a little good via writing. vnjfekwle can't believe I even got bidded on XD.

Good times! I just want some holidays. SO TIRED. SERIOUSLY. I also need to go to the doctors. Ugh.

Edit: I wonder, if The Lords of the Rings had been written now, they would have made a TV show out of it instead of movies. Games of Thrones makes me ask.
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I did it, I'm mad, oh well whatever. If anyone wants to give me thoughts about what could be a very very random weapon Steve could use to kill zombies, do so! it's going to be what I amuse myself with the most in this story.

No real plot or anything, but whatever. I sorely blame [ profile] somehowunbroken and [ profile] shinysylver. It's their fault.

As for the Bakery!AU of DOOM, have a progress bar:

Yep. In two days.

This fandom will be the death of me, for serious.
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Life is a little bit of a mess these days. Still getting used to the new flat - my room is a tip and I only have one small wardrobe so I need to buy things from Ikea. In the meantime contemplating unpacking seems worthless. Kitchen and living room are done though, which is good! Still no internet, it'll happen on Friday, I can't wait already XD.

Oh, you guys, [ profile] sirona_gs and I have started our [ profile] five0bang, being the BAKERY!AU OF DOOM, and already it's making me stupidly happy. These boys! And since Neve did a little pretty progress bar on her journal I thought I'd show you too:

5524 / 40000 (13.81%)

13% of it is already written! I think we'll be okay reaching the 40k mark.

In the meantime, [ profile] somehowunbroken is trying to make me join [ profile] zombiebang and since it's only 5k I am quite tempted but cjdkvlbfsjvklf really? Really I don't have a plot for this, just ideas and images of complete STUPIDITY because I am such a Shaun Of The Dead fangirl. Replace cricket bat with a baseball bat and I have Danny walking down the streets super angry because a zombie spewed blood and guts over his favourite tie. RIDICULOUSNESS, NOT EVEN KIDDING.

And, I mean, there are so many things I want to write, too. Is there a scifi big bang? or a crossover big bang? I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS, I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR ALL OF THIS BUT I WANT TO WRITE IT ALL. Urghl.

In other news, still crushing on Richard Madden and Alcide.
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Sooooooooo [ profile] five0bang signups are open and it's a 40k big bang okay which is a lot of words, but I signed up anyway. Because I totally coerced [ profile] sirona_gs into doing it with me - only not really coerced I just tempted her with STUPID PLOT IDEAS and it worked ^_^.

[ profile] five0bang[ profile] five0bang[ profile] five0bang

I don't know how much we can tell about the story (probably anything we want) but we spent the evening yesterday planning STUPID SHIT HAPPENING and I am so excited about it because it is going to be RIDICULOUS and FLUFFY and FUNNY. And I hope people will want to make art for it!

Anyway, that is that. Boxer!Danny has gone over 25K and a very important scene was written yesterday, which is good. Today some porn shall be written.

I wish I had interesting stuff to say, I don't really. My life is divided between work, writing, spending time with my girls and going to gigs. I am running on fumes and tired all the time but it's a good tiredness.

As a parting gift, I shall post a picture of Scotty with his douchey Entourage mates. And another one where idek he just turns me on terribly much.

I'm putting a cut because it's a little big and I have respect for your flist page. )
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So [ profile] sirona_gs and I wrote 7800 words in about 5 hours (and while working), which proves our awesomeness to the world, I think. This whole thing was inspired by this picture and the conversation that issued. It's a 5 times fic, sort of. [ profile] stjarna1984 did a super quick beta job because she's brilliant. Enjoy!

Out of our minds and our of time, the story of a sweater. )


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