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We went to the seaside yesterday. So, okay, we could only stay an hour or so because of the silly traffic, but, still, it felt good. There is something about the sea wind and the salt on your lips and how nice it is to breathe clean, fresh air. London makes me feel polluted, despite how much I love this place.

I didn't have my camera, but ya know, let's pretend.

This is Southend-On-Sea! There was a huge fair and kids running around and people looking for treasures in the sand, and the girls had chips and I saw clouds in forms of carrots and goats and giant squids and it was really nice.

Anyway, before this, there was a lot of time in the car, stuck in traffic, singing along to Glee songs, then to the Hairspray soundtrack, and then to McFly. Hairspray and McFly you will always find on our roadtrip soundtracks.

And listening to McFly in the car on the way from Southend, I kept on thinking 'say I have three songs to make people that don't know McFly, like them, or at least think 'well, these boys can perform a good song', what would these songs be?'

And I found them. So, okay, I know most of you won't bother listening to these three songs/watching these three videos, but these three could easily encapsulate why I love McFly as much as I do. So if you like music (or if you like me, hehe), check that out. Remember, McFly plays pop rock at the best, mostly pop. If you hate it, then that's fine.

First up is the song Room On The 3rd Floor. The studio version doesn't do justice to the live version. They're not playing it live anymore, which is a bloody shame because it's beautiful and powerful and they've got this singalong part that, in an arena, sounds absolutely mindblowing.

Watch it, listen to it. It gives me the biggest goosebumps to watch this video, because I was there (not at Wembley, but at other dates), and the whole thing made me cry my eyes out.

Second one is called Not Alone, and it's another live version because the studio version is not as intense. Just so you know, my love for this band has a lot to do with this man here in this video, Danny Jones. In the studio version of this song, it's both singers on, but for this tour, they let Danny go on with it, on his own. And even now, I'm listening to it and I get full body shivers, and I remember all that this song means to me, and I don't care that he's talking about religion, because I'm taking this song to my own little level. And his voice and his freckles do things to me, okay.

Third one is a song called The Heart Never Lies, and okay, it might sound cheesy and all that, I get it, seriously, I do. But this song means so much to me when thinking about what my BFFlatmates and I went through to be where we are now, it means so much when thinking about how fucking twisted it can be to be a fan of this band sometimes, and yet, you know, we're still there.

Okay so I apologise for this video, it's just that I took it myself at their latest arena tour and they've changed the lyrics because they basically know exactly how we feel and it's pretty fucking cool. However, if you liked it a little but want better quality,
Youtube is teeming with videos.

So there. if I had three songs to make someone listen to - not to become a fan of McFly, but more to maybe get my journey with this band, possibly, it'd be these three. And I'd like to know what you think.
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I am desperate for new music. After looking around different channels, I ended up opening Youtube and putting Bon Iver on - it's someone I've been wanting to listen to for a while. Bit of a disappointment, although I couldn't say if it's not because of my mood. Have switched to Ray LaMontagne, because I can always count on Ray to cajole me into a state of semi-walking on clouds. If you don't know Ray LaMontagne, you're missing out.

Nevertheless, if you have music to make me listen to, please tell me! Recent releases have left me colder than I hoped, so I'm a bit at a loss these days. I listen to all sorts of things, from classic rock to electro, with a lot of pop in the middle.

Thank you, my lovely flist!
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vfdvjhlrfgbhwelr The Cab, band of my heart, omg, I don't even care how cliché they are sometimes, they are everything I wished Panic! At The Disco could have been to me.

Now, while I enjoy this new release of yours, TheAlexes, please do stop giving me ideas about RANDOM AUs THAT WOULD MAKE NO SENSE IN THE H50 FANDOM, OKAY.
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You're welcome. (I do not have a clue of the context but I like it, okay. It is apparently his garage, is all I know. And that he loves those bloody shorts he's always wearing them. ♥.)
Keep on giving me timestamps, people! Can have more than one per fic and I love doing it!

Second day of Hanson week today. Yesterday was most amazing, and Taylor Hanson looked into my eyes, okay, he did, and he is one of the most beautiful human beings ever and I wanted to marry him when I was 11 so you know, it kinda made my heart flutter (have a picture of him if you don't recall/don't know). I'm exhausted and there are 5 Hanson days in total so by the end of the week I'll be dead on my feet but I'll be okay, it'll be worth it in the end. I'll sleep all weekend to be all ready for the week after and the Incubus gig.

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So the new challenge on [ profile] h50_flashfic is giving me the best excuse to dig into another one of my Danny-as-a-boxer bunnies. Now, it'd be AU (obviously) and it would allow me to indulge in my desire to write them in New Jersey and to write Danny sort of trapped in the middle of his Mafiosi family (what, it's my personal canon that some of the members of his family as less than straight arrows and it kinda pushed him into being a cop). And I have a feeling I'd love to write it, and I want to, but you have no idea how terrified I am about it, too.

I don't know, you guys. I know I should listen to my Muse and the Hell with it and write what I want to write, right? I know that. Plus it's obvious that Danny-as-a-boxer has its charms, seeing that we got more than a hundred comments on Fighting Chance, although I believe [ profile] sirona_gs's participation with that one helped a lot, too (by all means, I'm still completely floored when I think about all the feedback we've had on this story, it's just amazing and it makes my heart swell so big I feel like I'm going to choke). But then again Fighting Chance wasn't really AU, it was just a backstory.

So, yeah, I don't know. Blah blah blah insecurities blah. Feel free to tell me I'm an asshole, btw, I'm okay with that, I know. By all means I'll probably end up writing it and fuck the consequences? It's usually the way it goes. Because I am weak in the face of Steve and Danny. And in the face of Danny-as-a-boxer. For those who need the reminder: this picture, and this picture and this picture.

In other news, I am a sheep so got myself the new Gaga album. I am mostly disappointed as of now. I know so many people compare Gaga to marmite - it's either you hate her or you love her, but I'm as indifferent about Gaga as I hate Marmite (seriously, UK, why do you even, I don't understand). I like the music enough. The thing is I usually start not liking the songs at all when they first come out, and then they grow on me. Gaga as a person I absolutely do not care about. But you know, I thought why not, bought the album on iTunes this morning. Mostly disappointed as it is. Some really good songs (Scheiße, Hair, The Edge of Glory) and songs I think I will skip forever (Electric Chapel, Heavy Metal Lover). In the middle, songs that I am *shruggity shrug* about. maybe it'll grow on me, but I doubt I will listen to it as much as I have listened to The Fame Monster.

OKAY, I AM DONE BEING SNOBBISH ABOUT MUSIC. LET ME BE EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS LESS-THAN-COOL AND I DON'T GIVE A SHIT: Hanson's 5 of 5 in London is in 2 weeks vfhvsfbvhsjlrgyweruoggbfhdvjl I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I am going mostly on my own and I don't even give a single fuck, I am so happy to see them do this here.

*composes self and goes back to work* talking about work, Hot M must know that I am very hormonal and in the 'I could jump anyone right now' phase of my cycle because he is prancing around the office wearing a plaid outershirt with a clingy white t-shirt underneath. He wants me to stroke out, clearly.


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