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So, I may have fallen a liiiiiiiiiittttttle bit in Teen Wolf. It's supremely stupid, because I struggled watching the first few episodes (which, admittedly, are not good), but then I got really engrossed in it. I still laugh whenever they wolf out because it's not well done, imo, and I still could do without Scott in the show, but I definitely am really quite into Stiles and Derek and Jackson and Lydia and, man, it's like True Blood, a show where I like the smaller characters so much more than the main ones.

Anyway, been reading a lot of fic, which is the part I love the most about a new fandom, because all the long, juicy involved sexy fic is available to me, and it's awesome. I try to stay well away from the wanky bits, because apparently there are some, and then there are divides of sorts with other shows and things I don't really want to get involved in, because what's the point, what is the point, seriously.

Anyone can tell me of TW comms on LJ? I need me some icons of Derek, thank you very much.

In other news, started writing my [ profile] avengers_rbb - I have a story and all sorted out, so that's all good, but I stopped after 300 words or so because then the new Captain America title was announced and things kind of snowballed from there.

Meaning, I kinda have 3K of Steve and Bucky are in college fic. It's got an actual plot, and all that. ...Yeah.


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Will never let it go, Steve/Bucky, light R, ~1,700 words.

James fights tornadoes in his own head constantly, storms of clouds and thunder and blood and terror and Steve is always there to hold him through it. He talks him through it when they’re apart, any time of day or night over the phone, whispering about Brooklyn, about fairs and girls James took dancing, about ice cream stolen on Brooklyn pier and incubators and Peggy and Dum Dum and that picture James kept of his mother.

Post Winter Soldier Bucky.
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I am having what you could call a terrible fucking day. Despite a truly lovely episode of H50 (despite some things that made me go '...huh? Really?') this morning, my day has gone from shit to hell at work, with miscommunications and lazy shits giving me the work they're supposed to do, and potentially bad things that make me scared by how heavy they are hanging over my head. I can't really explain right now because it'd be derogatory of me, and it'd be talking about something I might be imagining, so I'm waiting to see how things go with that. But anyway, it is not making my day an explosion of rainbows and puppies.

So I thought, hey, why not giving my flist a snippet of cagefighting!Clint? Because some of you seemed quite into the idea and I'm still writing steadily in it and I now have a colour-coded timeline and almost 5K and parts of a soundtrack, so, hey, why shouldn't I share?

Soundtrack. )

This was compiled mainly thanks to [ profile] sirona_gs and [ profile] renne's Bucky mix, but I'd like more. If you guys have any ideas about songs that fit this fic's mood (check snippet), please do share! It really does help me loads.


This is quite raw, no editing whatsoever, and I also wrote it this morning so I have not even re-read it once. Bear with me.

Snippet. )

There, a little teaser snippet from me to you, and I hope you like it :). Now, going back to work. Joy.
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Okay, so I am considering writing more of this art student Steve and life drawing model Bucky story as it comes to me - it might not make sense and not be in chronological order as I write it, and it could be weeks between updates as I don't plan on pushing this story, but I was wondering, if I was to keep posting it here, should I make a filter for it? Would you want to be on said filter? Do you not care because I put it behind a cut so you don't have to read it?

/random post of the day to change my mind! =D
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First, want to thank you all for the lj v-gifts! And for all the love and support from my previous entry. *kisses all round* you are all the best, truly, and I don't deserve you, BUT I AM KEEPING YOU.

So while I was waiting for data to be processed (things can go so slow through a proxy...) and [ profile] sirona_gs to be around, I found myself, well...writing this. It is sort of a continuation of this post where I had Steve the art student objectify Bucky the live drawing model for a few hundred words, because [ profile] radioaches totally made it a real story in my head, and now it’s sticking to me in bits. So, basically, yes, have about a thousand words more of art student!Steve and naked model!Bucky.

It may also be because Sebastian Stan is featured in 1883 magazine (a href="">see pictures here) and I only expected Hiddles when I bought it. He is so gorgeous his face has been stuck in my head since yesterday. Sue me.

This way )

Still don’t know what to do with it :’).

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I just watched Sunshine, which was depressing and heartbreaking all in its own right, but also pretty fucking good (♥ Danny Boyle).

Thing is, it made me want to write. I've always wanted to write some kind of Sci-Fi, happens-on-a-ship kind of story, where I can invent words and have dangers like a supernova or a black hole around.

I could spend days writing about this crew; Steve the mechanic, wrench in his back pocket at all times, always tinkering with the mainframe; Tony the physicist, hours spent in his lab wanting to put deep space in a bottle; Clint the weapons specialist, monkeying around the ship from laser turret to laser turret; Bucky the pilot, found leaning into the consoles sometimes, listening to beeps and bumps with a loving look on his face; Natasha the botanist, always nurturing the oxygen and water levels of the ship; Bruce the doctor, forcing daily checks on everyone; Fury the captain, Coulson his second in command.

But in the end, without a plot I'm not going anywhere. It's like a pipe dream, something I've always wanted to do, and never found the strength to start, to research. I'm afraid, too, that I'll never be good enough for it, that I won't make the genre justice. It's my favourite, sci-fi and fantasy and the like. It's something I want to treat with respect.

I don't know. It's probably not going to happen. Reassure me, I'm not the only one like this, right? Do you have a genre/type of story you want to write but don't dare to?
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Anyone want to do round robin-ing with me here? [ profile] sirona_gs and [ profile] somehowunbroken and I just finished a really fun round and, Idk, I want all the Clint/Coulson and the Steve/Bucky and fvhbvkfrhjk come on round robin with me? (YES KI I AM LOOKING AT YOU) If you feel like sharing words with me? Start a little round robin here and everybody is welcome to join? COME ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.
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Right. In my quest of finding some JRenner-focused tumblrs to follow, I found this:

And now, my head is filled with how do I write Clint as a hunter and how does Phil fit in this scenario? Because, well, yes. As a former SPN fan, this seemed like the only logical explanation to this picture.
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First of all, happy new year, my lovelies! I had a nice evening of lots of food and alcohol and all three Star Wars movies. It was fun! Although, I am old and wanted to go to sleep from, say, 10pm.

Snowflake challenge!

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

It'll end up being H50 fics, because writing in this fandom has made my writing evolve leaps and bounds, and even though some of the fics I have written in the McFly fandom I hold very dear to my heart, I realise just how inadequate they are. So here we go.

This Darkness Would Turn To Light, Steve/Danny, NC-17, ~5000 words. I felt like this story has been slightly overlooked when I posted it. I was still starting out in the fandom, maybe not quite trusted by people yet, I don't know. But I'm still really proud of it.

Make This Dock My Home, Steve/Danny, NC-17, #10,000 words. Again, I didn't post this story at a time people wanted to read it, I feel? But I put so much hard work and research into it, and into keeping a rhythm for it, it's one of my favourite stories I've written in this fandom.

Months And Miles From Dreams, Steve/Danny, NC-17 overall, ~51,000 words. Obviously this one would be in this list, right? So much sweat and tears went into writing this, and writing it the right way. There are still parts I'd rewrite now if I could, but still, it is, to date, my biggest solo achievement in fandom.
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Okay, you guys. I need to make myself some kind of 'I AM WRITING PORN NOW' playlist, and [ profile] sirona_gs already gave me a song to put in there, But I need many more. At the moment, my brain feels completely empty of sexy/mood setting songs, and so, I AM ASKING FOR YOUR HELP.

edit: at this point, I am attempting to write a sex scene for which I am trying to have a slow burn kind of atmosphere, so if you have any music that fits this, yes.
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I don't really want to do the actual fanfiction review of my year, because all the answers will probably be Months and Miles, but I did a quick run through my AO3, so, missing random comment ficlets and things I forgot to upload to AO3, missing the fics that are in my WiP folder, and random words here and there, I wrote 267,564 words this year, in 3 different fandoms. Considering I barely wrote anything last year, this is an achievement. My God, thank you, Steve and Danny and your faces.

Okay, now, off to finish this fic I'm onto, hopefully today, so I can add ~6000 words to this yearly wordcount.
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So, I got home from my parents yesterday evening (which was a nightmare, let's not talk about that) and then went on to have a SHIT night and woke up at 6 and watched really bad tv shows for a while before going back to bed and then waking up at 12. Which is more like it, isn't it? Back to work tomorrow so I'm making the most of a day off, even if I'm all alone :(.

My mom bought me a pair of crazy heels for Christmas, hee XD. We're not the kind of family that give a lot of presents, so I got that, and my brother got me perfume (didn't even complain that I didn't get him anything, I think he realised I was really quite upset he didn't even text me for my birthday, in amongst other things), and my grandma knitted me a scarf ([ profile] stjarna1984's mum also did that! I HAVE ALL THE SCARVES). It was good because I was with my family, really, that was all I wanted from these three days and I got it, so, I can't complain.

Other than that, since the next three days at work are probably going to be very quiet, I'll hopefully get to write these drabbles and other things I'm working on. That'd be good, even if I'm still quite angry at the whole 'you can't take holidays you have to be in the office otherwise there won't be enough people' when there is, for a fact, enough people. BUT, TRYING NOT TO BE BITTER, I'll just write all day and fuck it.

Speaking of writing, have a meme, I'll try to have good answers for it!
Give me a character or a pairing (or both) and I will tell you three tidbits of my personal headcanon for them.

In the meantime, I am rewatching Kings.
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Hmmmm. So this afternoon was dull. Half of my office had a meeting with a new client, and since we are getting rid of an old client, these days are pretty quiet. I spied one of my colleagues playing Bejewelled while I was contemplating playing Solitaire and was trolling the interwebs instead of working on my fic - I procrastinate LIKE A PRO.

Anyway, I still managed 1,100 words on my latest fic, and I'm working ahead, so that's good. I'm not stagnating, which I like. I'd like someone's opinion on it, but as people are busy/not interested, well, I make do! And I make progress. So that's good.

I got very lovely comments on my Holiday Love meme thread already, I am all warm and fuzzy about it, thank you, whoever you were! If you want to gimme some more sugar, MAMA LIKES IT. I am a terrible beggar when it comes to love.

Lastlyyyyyy, you can't say I'm not a giver, too.

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Okay. Once again, I need the talents of someone who would be willing to beta a 4.4K Phil/Clint fic, and tell me if it makes any sense. Anyone? I am giving you big puppy eyes (and so is one of the main characters of this story) :).

So, what.

Dec. 7th, 2011 10:11 am
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Okay, so, first things first, helloooooo to my new friends! Shiny new friends! HAI! MAKE YOURSELVES AT HOME.
Mostly I will be talking about fic and fic things and fandom things, and my BFF and flatmates (BFFlatmates), [ profile] theellibu and [ profile] stjarna1984. Because they're awesome.

I HAVE BEEN TALKED INTO WRITING A FIC WHERE CLINT ADOPTS A PUPPY, BUT OF COURSE PHIL ENDS UP TAKING CARE OF THE DOG MOST OF THE TIME. I blame people, for reasons, but now it's like a steamroller in my brain and as soon as I am finished with this first fic where Phil and Clint have feelings they don't really know what to do with, I will write it. This is terrible behaviour, TERRIBLE. I'm just dipping my toes in this new fandom/pairing and I'm already pulling out the overused tropes. Oh, self.

(I'm not even going to talk about the amnesia!Loki fic I want to write, right? Right. That's just too much.)

In related things, hey, is there anyone willing to beta some Clint/Phil? Because my betas are not in this fandom, so I don't want to bother them with that. So, huh, yeah? I mean, I should be finished soon with this first one, it's probably not going to be much over 1K. Anyone? Bueller? (I've still not seen this movie, and yet.)

Okay, what is this [ profile] fandom_stocking thing, can I be arsed to sign up? Should I?
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So, [ profile] leupagus may have started a 'Damn, your fandom is good at what you do' fest, and I may have written a boring office!AU where the team basically works in my office. If you want it:

Welcome to Five-0's Marketing Agency, aka a day in Steve McGarrett's life.

Yeeeeeeep. I went there.
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Sooooooo, NaNo. It's coming now, and you know, I feel like it'd be silly of me to even try, considering that, well, I won't be there for the last week of November, and I'll be busy most weekends. Instead of 1,667 words a day, I should probably have to power through 3/4K a day, as quickly as possible. I have no idea if I can do that, I don't know how busy work will be.
So really, it's a bit silly to think I can do it. However, I really want to? I really really want to. Thing is, I have this plot in my head and it needs SO MUCH WORK and I need to think it through so hard and add a whole ton of details and things to it to hope reaching 50K with it, but I kinda love it a lot? And if I know where I'm going before I start it might be good, I might manage to start with a good rhythm.

I don't know, you guys. I just don't know. I'm really on the fence here, because I really want to use this opportunity to write Steve and Danny as bikers being undercover but not knowing the other is undercover so falling for a ~bad guy as well as trying to get enough evidence to break the whole US-wide MC and dealing with feelings for another man in a place like a MC and and and I just. I want it, you know, sigh, I do. But I don't know if it's smart/responsible/if it's not going to make me lose my mind. Last year was really quite, um, difficult, in several different ways, so I don't know. I really want to do it, I love the challenge and the work and writing a long, involved fic, but vfnjk, I don't know, I just don't.

Now for a bit of McFly talk. )
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My lovelies, I have a dilemna. You're probably going to find this pretty stupid, but it stomped me a little and led me to do some research and wonder what you guys think.

I was, as I sometimes do, checking the bookmarks on my AO3 page, see if anyone put in a summary or comments. It's something I'm always curious about. Someone did put a comment on their bookmark of Months and miles from dreams, which made me wonder. It said 'There isn't much in the way of plot', surrounded by lovely things, so it's not like I'm upset, I'm just genuinely curious, because, to you, what does 'plot' represent? Because to me, Months and miles does have a plot, but maybe I'm fooling myself, and character development is not actually considered a plot, and I got it wrong?

So I went on to check a definition a plot in the literary sense, because, well, I need to know, somehow. Because I tend to write character development and this is what I enjoy doing and I'm not going to stop, but I don't think my stories are plotless, either. I found this:
"Plot - the arrangement of ideas and/or incidents that make up a story

Foreshadowing - When the writer clues the reader in to something that will eventually occur in the story; it may be explicit (obvious) or implied (disguised).
Suspense - The tension that the author uses to create a feeling of discomfort about the unknown
Conflict - Struggle between opposing forces.
Exposition - Background information regarding the setting, characters, plot.
Rising Action - The process the story follows as it builds to its main conflict
Crisis - A significant turning point in the story that determines how it must end
Resolution/Denouement - The way the story turns out."

So, I don't know. What do you guys think? What does 'plot' mean to you?
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Okay, so I don't know, you guys, I have been working on this since Friday and it's been eating at my brain. I blame Tumblr, for putting this picture as a Tumblr Radar picture last Thursday:

Now, for a little history about Ellie (as in, me, yes, okay, no, I'm not that arrogant). My father used to be very much into scuba diving when I was little, he was a big part of the local club and regularly went to trips to Egypt and the South coast of France for diving trips. He'd bring back amazing pictures and buy books about sea life all the time. Little to say, I was fascinated at the time - still am. I still really want to try scuba diving and go diving.
Another thing that firmly pushed the idea that 'being in the sea = cool' for me was a movie that I saw multiple times when I was little, and again as a teenager. A French movie, called Le Grand Bleu (it was released in the US under the translation, The Big Blue), which is a movie about freediving and freedivers and a beautiful and terrible friendship and an all-consuming love story. This movie had a huge impact on me, back in the day.

And, seeing this picture, and after [ profile] perspi's recent post about freediving, all these ideas started assaulting me. I started writing this fic, where Steve is a freediver, and Danny meets him, and it's sort of consuming. I've been watching the movie again (just so you know, it's 3 hours long if you ever think about giving it a try) and I'm using it as a crutch to support the story I'm writing. It's not exceedingly long - I've just passed 7K and an important plot point in the story, but I really love it? I know it sounds horrible, to say things like that, but I just. I feel very proud of what I've got so far, and I really, dearly hope you guys will be interested and will want to read it.

And a teaser )

hang loose

Oct. 3rd, 2011 10:42 am
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Big weekend. Managed a series of good and bad things, but in the end, it was rather enjoyable! I do not deal well with this heat, though, let me tell you.

Writing things )

And that is it. I have not started a new fic yet, still enjoying the easy work with awesome writing partners for now, we'll see when I feel the pull for more.

For now, I am doing like Scotty Caan, I am hanging loose, brah.


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