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Half past the point of oblivion, Stiles/Derek, ~4,500 words, R, complete.

Stiles has a tendency to make stupid bets. It’s probably the amounts of beer he’s drunk since starting college that’s playing with his brain cells, but it seems very easy to start making bets when you’re three sheets to the wind, and then when he loses, he doesn’t like not to honor said bets. He’s kind of an upstanding guy that way.

Which is the exact reason why he’s now crossing the threshold of Beacon Hills’ tattoo parlor, all the while feeling a little queasy. And there is Derek. Derek Hale, on the other side of the counter, with ink stained fingers and a look between confusion and disbelief on his face. What is Derek doing here?
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We'll surf in Asia, 1,344 words, Derek/Stiles, G.

In Derek's list of 'things I never thought I'd do', 'getting married' was number five.

Just a quick fluffy piece I had in my head yesterday. Clio looked it over for me and picked out my Britishisms and mistakes!
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No place for no hero
Stiles/Derek, Scott, Allison, Lydia, Sheriff Stilinski, R for violence. Future fic, canon compliant.
Warning - graphic depiction of a very violent mugging.

But now, as he looks at Derek’s face, the storm lurking right underneath his eyelashes, the frown firmly back in place on his features, the Sheriff can’t help but hope that he will do something Sheriff Stilinski himself can’t do, nor ask for Derek to do. They nod at each other over Stiles’ hospital bed, and Sheriff Stilinski stands up.
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Brightness fills empty space, Derek/Stiles, NC-17, ~12,000 words.

For a moment he stops and breathes, slow, measured breaths that usually help him centre himself, control himself. It's like a full moon night, keeping himself entirely focused on his very own, personal brand of anger and hatred and disgust, and he taps into it now, hopes for the best.

It doesn't change anything.

Derek is cursed into humanity, and from then on lies a path towards self-discovery. And Stiles.


It's a first for me in this fandom; the ending may be slightly rushed, for this I apologise, but at the same time I believe I told the story I wanted to tell. This is for [ profile] aliassmith and [ profile] foxxcub and anyone who wanted Human!Derek. Hope you enjoy it!
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I'll be seeing you, ~1,300 words, G, Steve and Peggy. Steve visits Peggy in her nursing home.

Steve clutches his flowers and licks his lips and looks at Peggy, her hair gone white and her lips still red as they were back in the day, her eyes just as doe-eyed, for a second he sees her as young as he’d known her once, all the drawings he’d made of her, and her skin may be paper thin and wrinkled now but she’s still got that same light in her eyes when he looks into them, when she smiles at him.

Something I really wanted to write. It's probably been done and all, but, I don't know, I wanted it. Unbeta'ed, sorry.
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Beautiful day to get our war on - PG-13 - 6,500 words - Clint Origins story
There are places where there are no more shadows in which to hide. In the desert the heat is unflappable and the air is dry, and Clint can try all he wants to hide from it, it chases after him, sticks his fatigues to the back of his legs and neck, relentless.

This story I have been wanting to write since watching the movie for the first time, the story where Clint is a soldier.

Link on AO3
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HEY LOOK I WROTE SOMETHING THAT ISN'T SOLDIER!CLINT. Yes, I know, I suck, but I really felt like writing some porn and I wanted to kick my Muse in the butt so...I went for it and wrote Clint and Phil and a pool table. I like imagining that Phil actually lives in a really super posh condo on top of the world (well, Manhattan). It speaks to me. So there. I wrote it.

Title: a bene placito, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: ~2,300, Summary: Clint, Phil, an evening, a pool table, a bet = sex. PWP.

On AO3
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So I coda-ed post Avengers. It's 600 words of me having FEELS, okay. I have so many many feels about so many things from this movie and these characters, but this one has been building inside since my first viewing and it finally worked its way out yesterday.

This is about Phil and Clint. I have so many feels about Steve that I'll probably have to write that later (I have a fairly defined idea of a coda I want with Steve, and I'm also working on a Steve/Bucky longer story, because imo Bucky is the only one that could really save Steve from himself, BUT THIS IS FOR ANOTHER TIME), but these 600 words are about Clint and Phil, in the aftermath of the movie.

So, of course, MAJOR SPOILERS for the movie. My thanks go to [ profile] aliassmith and [ profile] sirona_gs for the hand holding.

Some navigating, ~600 words. )
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Be running up that hill, AKA Clint the Avenger by day, cage fighter by night story. NC-17 for a lot of violence and a little bit of sex. 19,456 words.
Warnings: Depressive mindset, violence, blood

Clint has doubts, questions, troubles; they all disappear when he walks into the cage, ready for a fight. Nobody knows, nobody cares.

Thanks to all the support from everyone who gave me anything while I was writing this, it has meant everything to me, and kept me going. Special thanks to [ profile] aliassmith for being a sounding board and taking my woes and kicking me in the butt to keep on writing this, and [ profile] lucdarling especially for the super speedy and efficient beta work.

Read on AO3
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And there we go, fic! This is readable thanks to [ profile] laria_gwyn and [ profile] foxxcub, and would not exist without [ profile] sirona_gs.

Sometimes relationships have to grow through friendship, pushing and pulling, pain, denial and regrets. Canon, set before-to-after Thor. ~5,000 words.

Started up the clocks )
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Possibly I have written a bit during my break. Like, 650 words. So I am giving it to your eyes first, flist, because I trust your judgment. Tell me what you think of my Coop and Ben thank youuuuuuu.

Post 4.05 coda, Ben/Coop (of sorts). )
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Well finally, I finished this fic! Thanks to my darling [ profile] sirona_gs for the super fast beta help!

Clint is sent to lay low in the English countryside, and Phil is sent along. Shenanigans happen. NC-17, ~11,800 words.

Would the world spin round us )
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See, I might be writing fic at the moment, involving men falling in love and being unsubtle when they try to act on it. I might be, you know, possibly, and it possibly has been the easiest thing to write for me in a long time and I may be enjoying going into it bit by bit without pressure or trying to go too fast. Maybe. It may involve Coulson and Barton.


"See, Agent Coulson, I didn't peg you for a romantic."

Clint is grinning around a mouthful of popcorn, looking way too much like a cat that got the cream, but Phil just smiles good-naturedly. Clint has let him in more than he has anyone since he started working with SHIELD, and Phil guesses it's only fair to open up as well, even if it's about his guilty but pleasurable habit of watching every rom-com he can put his hands on.

Rummaging through the DVD collection of the cottage, he'd stumbled upon The Notebook and while it is far from being his favorite, it is cheesy and well-acted enough to provide the kind of entertainment he is looking for. So he'd settled with popcorn, but only managed ten minutes before Clint jumped into the seat next to his own, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

"I try not to explode in roses and champagne with every step."

Clint snorts, resting his arm along the back of the couch by Phil's shoulders, who almost says something about not being a teenage girl in a bad 90's movie, but instead shuts his mouth and leans deeper in the couch cushions, a smile on his lips.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think your tough guy in a suit act is just armor and you're actually soft inside, Phil. You have no idea how much Tash would love that gossip."


Yesterday, I may also have purchased 4th row dead center tickets to the theater to listen to Tom Hiddleston read me a bedtime story. Of the erotic kind. I don't know, I MAY HAVE DONE THAT. :3
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Title: Happiness is Homemade
Author(s): [ profile] delicatale and [ profile] sirona_gs
Pairing: Steve/Danny, Chin/Malia
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~43,000
Warnings: none that aren't implied by the rating; Steve’s parents are both alive in this story.
Summary: It's not easy, running a Jersey-style bakery in Hawai'i. Things get a little easier (and a whole lot more fun) once Danny meets Chin and Kono's friend, the one who enjoys leaning against his glass cases despite all of Danny's dire warnings, and starts food fights for no reason whatsoever.

LJ username: [ profile] gothikmaus
Type of art: digital art
Link to art master post

LJ username: [ profile] sexycazzy
Type of art: manips
Link to art master post

LJ username: [ profile] sirona_gs
Length of mix: 14 songs
Link to mix master post

Part I )
Part II
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Warning for cross-dressing, if this isn't your thing, this fic definitely won't be. Steve discovers a secret about Bucky, and it quickly snowballs into something much bigger. Set post wake up/winter soldier. My thanks go to [ profile] somehowunbroken and [ profile] sirona_gs for the beta work and the hand-holding. Special mention to [ profile] earlofcardigans ;D.

My first musings about this story inspired some amazing people to make some art which is obviously NSFW and still makes me vnjflvnjvrbgvhriosdacjp flailyyyyyy.

bent my knees 'cause I love you, ~7400 words )
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Sooooooooooo, [ profile] sirona_gs and I made it! With the careful love and attention of [ profile] laria_gwyn and a ton of love and attention from you guys, here it is!

Title: A little bit of your taste (in my mouth)
Authors: [ profile] sirona_gs & [ profile] delicatale
Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, Darcy Lewis/Bucky Barnes (implied), Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers (one-sided)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~21,000
Warnings: AU (including Clint's background), pining, a bit of angst, a lot of fluff, elements of h/c, otherwise nothing that isn't implied by the rating.
Summary: Coffee Shop AU. In which Clint owns the coffee shop that makes the best damn coffee Phil has ever tasted, and things only go downhill from there.
Notes: Endless thanks to [ profile] laria_gwyn, who has been an absolute trooper and helped an enormous amount to polish this. ♥ Thanks also must go to all other Coffee Shop AUs out there, which I'm sure we've borrowed from without even realising. :) And to everyone who was so fantastically enthusiastic about this story, and made apt suggestions that we have shamelessly taken advantage of! <3

On LJ / On AO3


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