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I'm sorry, I really feel like I write way too much (another co-written one was finished yesterday so should be around soon). I cannot help myself, it's absolutely terrible. Anyway.
Post-finale so spoilers. Unbeta'ed. One of these 5 things fic.

it's just that it's delicate; pg-13; 2 263 words )

It all started because of [ profile] their_darkness's Steve in glasses comment meme, so blame her.
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Tattoo fic. Steve gets a Mandala done, Danny watches and wonders. beta work by [ profile] stjarna1984, I was inspired by one of my work colleagues, who has been thrusting his tattoo sleeve under my nose all morning.

see the truth; and you will see me, PG, 1105 words )
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Hello, and welcome to this Hawaii Five-0 Phonesexeathon!

(amazing banner by the amazing [ profile] iam_space ! Thank you for all the help honey!)

Okay, so let’s be honest, this is happening majorly because I am a big fan of phone sex and the lack of it in this fandom is making me a little sad. So I decided a meme could be fun! I’m advertising a bit because I’m still new to this fandom and I want the most people to see it and participate and prompt and read if they so wish, but I don’t have a lot of followers, so, yeah.

Okay! So! Anything goes! Any pairing any genre het and slash all that. You can post prompts, you can start round-robins (I love them let’s do it!), you can just go ahead and write a 20,000 words long fic involving phone sex and posting the link here. Seriously, anything goes. I’d encourage prompting though, go ahead – anonymous commenting shall be open, even. If you so wish to use it. Also, sexting is also allowed of course. As is fanart! Of course!

I don’t really want to put a ton of rules here, we’re all big people, right? No bashing no hating, this stuff, obvious, right? This is for fun. Let us get on with the phone sex!

Also, do pimp it around people! The more, the merrier! Here, have some pimping code:


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