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Right, a few things.

1. [ profile] lanyon makes me happy e'rrrrryday by indulging me and writing stupid boys in love with me;
2. [ profile] stjarna1984 posted this on her tumblr earlier and I died inside with glee:

Now, Cap in the comics has worn a dress before, and so has Chris Evans, sooooooo...where are the crossdressing!Cap fics? Huh? HUH?
3. After the express auction of last night, I find myself really wanting to put myself up for auction again. There's nothing going on, though, and probably no-one in the Avengers fandom would bid on me, but still;
4. Okay, help needed here. [ profile] someidiothasice has shown me the way to a few, but say I wanted to dig into comic books (interested in Cap, Winter Soldier, Avengers, mainly), which would you recommend? I have bought the recent Winter Soldier issues and also got the Captain America/Winter Soldier by Brubaker compilation. Don't really want to read Civil Wars, but if there are other stuff you think I should really read, show me the way?

CHEERS! I am going back into workmode.
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First, want to thank you all for the lj v-gifts! And for all the love and support from my previous entry. *kisses all round* you are all the best, truly, and I don't deserve you, BUT I AM KEEPING YOU.

So while I was waiting for data to be processed (things can go so slow through a proxy...) and [ profile] sirona_gs to be around, I found myself, well...writing this. It is sort of a continuation of this post where I had Steve the art student objectify Bucky the live drawing model for a few hundred words, because [ profile] radioaches totally made it a real story in my head, and now it’s sticking to me in bits. So, basically, yes, have about a thousand words more of art student!Steve and naked model!Bucky.

It may also be because Sebastian Stan is featured in 1883 magazine (a href="">see pictures here) and I only expected Hiddles when I bought it. He is so gorgeous his face has been stuck in my head since yesterday. Sue me.

This way )

Still don’t know what to do with it :’).

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Take this to be some sort of college!AU, where Bucky is a life drawing model for Steve's life drawing class. )

Right, wrote this right in the entry box so it hasn't been checked by anyone, so I am sorry about any mistakes, please indulge me right now. Now that's out of my system - I have no idea what to do with it!

Also, I saw this and I thought I could always go for it and grope for some love or something.
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So, seems there are some awards going on in the H50 fandom. I am...uncomfortable with the idea. Fic awards have made my life a living Hell back in the McFly fandom, created tensions and stupidity and drama. I feel like crowning one fic per genre is far from being enough, and many people who write wonderful wonderful fics will be shunned and some might lose confidence to write. I used to love the idea, a while ago, and whenever I have been nominated or won anything, I have felt over the moon and honoured and humbled. But I think they tend to do more harm than good, to be honest. So, yeah, makes me uncomfortable.

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Today is a bit glum, isn't it? So why not brighten everybody's day by bringing you...*drumroll*...

The Chris Evans silly face's ♥ fest!

Image heavy of the Chris Evans variety (contains images and gifs of the mostly naked variety if you are at work) )


Jan. 6th, 2012 01:46 pm
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Let me present to you, Chris Evans' back, and this little birthmark on the back of his hip:

Under a cut to preserve flists, and those who don't care )


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