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So since recently I've been writing quite a bit of Bucky and Steve feels, I collated some music together that I associate with them, makes me think of them.

And in there, I put all sorts of chart-topping, guilty-pleasure pop songs, because I am me, and I don't really know many indie rock bands, so I make do, and you know what? I think it works!

I have no art or anything for it, I just wanted to share.

1. Stare At The Sun - Thrice
2. We Found Love - Rihanna & Calvin Harris
3. Too Close - Alex Clare
4. Here's To You - Union Sound Set
5. Part Of Me - Katy Perry
6. I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
7. Breathe Me - Sia
8. Who Knew - P!nk
9. Swing Life Away - Rise Against
10. Who You Are - Jessie J
11. You Found Me - The Fray
12. Heartlines - Florence + The Machine
13. Meet Me At My Funeral - Brigade
14. Walk In The Sun - McFly

I have a Spotify playlist of this if you're interested in any way.

Expanding on things a little )

So there you have it. If you have any Steve/Bucky songs/explanations about songs/thoughts about these ones to share with me, please please please dooooooooo. I understand this entry is, SUPER BORING. I apologise.

In completely unrelated news: on Tuesday I passed probation at work so I'm a full part of the team now! Go me.
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Take this to be some sort of college!AU, where Bucky is a life drawing model for Steve's life drawing class. )

Right, wrote this right in the entry box so it hasn't been checked by anyone, so I am sorry about any mistakes, please indulge me right now. Now that's out of my system - I have no idea what to do with it!

Also, I saw this and I thought I could always go for it and grope for some love or something.
More Feedback Week, Feb 11-19, Leave a Comment
(find my fics on AO3 and LJ)

So, seems there are some awards going on in the H50 fandom. I am...uncomfortable with the idea. Fic awards have made my life a living Hell back in the McFly fandom, created tensions and stupidity and drama. I feel like crowning one fic per genre is far from being enough, and many people who write wonderful wonderful fics will be shunned and some might lose confidence to write. I used to love the idea, a while ago, and whenever I have been nominated or won anything, I have felt over the moon and honoured and humbled. But I think they tend to do more harm than good, to be honest. So, yeah, makes me uncomfortable.

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Hmmmm. So this afternoon was dull. Half of my office had a meeting with a new client, and since we are getting rid of an old client, these days are pretty quiet. I spied one of my colleagues playing Bejewelled while I was contemplating playing Solitaire and was trolling the interwebs instead of working on my fic - I procrastinate LIKE A PRO.

Anyway, I still managed 1,100 words on my latest fic, and I'm working ahead, so that's good. I'm not stagnating, which I like. I'd like someone's opinion on it, but as people are busy/not interested, well, I make do! And I make progress. So that's good.

I got very lovely comments on my Holiday Love meme thread already, I am all warm and fuzzy about it, thank you, whoever you were! If you want to gimme some more sugar, MAMA LIKES IT. I am a terrible beggar when it comes to love.

Lastlyyyyyy, you can't say I'm not a giver, too.

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See, you leave me alone for a day or so, and I write 1500 2000 words of Steve obsessing over a glimpse of Bucky in girl underwear, and I develop IDEAS and some sort of PLOT only not really.

You cannot leave me alone.

(also, I yell at people who say Tom Hardy went to an event for the free booze, because, okay, fair enough, you write a gossip blog I don't expect you to do a lot of research beforehand, but I can't help finding this incredibly disrespectful, considering what he's gone through. FFS he's been sober for years.)
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I'm sorry about all the posting. I swear, posting 3 times a day, it's getting ridiculous.

But, for this one, you can blame [ profile] sirona_gs, because she gave me the bunny (fair enough I asked). And I promise, I do not only write stories with people dealing with neurotic animals in them. Sometimes I write other stuff, too.

Anyway, this is a modern-day AU, in which Steve and Bucky share an apartment, and Steve brings home a cat, mindless of the pet deposit. PG-13, although there is content of a sexual nature.

And I feel I wanna stay; ~1400 words; Steve/Bucky )
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I wish I could draw. If I could draw, I would draw Bucky in crossdress. Because, because, okay, that'd be so hot (for those not in the know, I have a HUGE crossdressing kink, I can't even tell you really).

Because I know it's not everyone's kink at all, I won't force it on you.But maybe I expand a little under the cut. It goes sort of R-rated, jsyk. )

In the end, I cannot draw to save my life. So that's it, huh.


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