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[ profile] thegrrrl2002 won me at the [ profile] helpthesouth auction, and this fic is my offering! One of the prompts she offered for me to write was a sequel/coda of months and miles from dream, and this is what I did. Steve adjusting to being domestic.

where the fears make us whole, about 1400 words, PG )
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There is it, folks. Final chapter! I truly hope it lives up to everybody's expectations, I am absolutely terrified of posting it. Ah, well. Thanks to [ profile] tailoredshirt for the beta and help, [ profile] stjarna1984 and [ profile] theellibu and [ profile] sirona_gs for the constant support.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

months and miles from dreams part seven; pg-13; 5,320 )
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Chapter 6! [ profile] tailoredshirt betaed this for me, yay! Thanks to my usual suspects =D. I am terribly tired so I am going to go to sleep now, but I hope you enjoy! Getting close to the end you guyyyyyyyys.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

months and miles from dreams, part six; NC-17; 6,998 words )
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Chapter 5, because now that it's all finished and well, I can post faster - it was hard to wait before already! So chapter 5 now (I'll be honest, it's possible I don't get to post chapter 6 for a few days, I'll be busy from Thursday, moving flat!). Hopefully it'll tide you over until I can post more! [ profile] sirona_gs looked this over and [ profile] stjarna1984 wrote bits with me and [ profile] theellibu is the best of cheerleaders!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

months and miles from dreams, part five; PG-13; 6,465 words )
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Chapter 4, looked over thoroughly and amazingly by [ profile] sirona_gs. [ profile] stjarna1984 and [ profile] theellibu supported me through this and I love them for it. So to all 3 of these ladies, thank youuuuu.

Longest chapter so far I believe! IN FACT IT IT TOO LARGE FOR LJ HOMFG.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

months and miles from dreams part four; NC-17; 11,716 words )

part two
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Weeee you guys I am back to being ginger all over and it feels SO NICE. In the past few years I have been blonde, brunette and ginger, and I can honestly say that ginger is the colour I feel the best with. It makes me feel more confident, is that weird?


Off to the countryside for the weekend, going to see [ profile] stjarna1984's parents which means I'll be drunk and full of amazing food for 2 days, WEEEEEEE. I love her parents, seriously.

No news on the flat but hopefully that will be sorted soon because I don't want to have to ask for days off too late....oh well we'll see.

Boxer!Danny has reached 50k, you guys. But it's almost finished, I am literally a scene and a bit away from the end. Hopefully will be finished by Monday evening, and then [ profile] sirona_gs and I can start the BAKERY AU OF DOOM AND AMAZINGNESS.

Okay, time to pack.
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Chapter 3, let me know allllll your thoughts. My love to the people that helped me ♥.

Part One
Part Two

Months and miles from dreams part three; NC-17; 8,932 words )
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Chapter 2 of boxer!Danny, ladies and gents. Thank you everyone for the comments, means a lot to me! And thanks [ profile] stjarna1984, [ profile] theellibu, [ profile] sirona_gs and [ profile] perspi for the insight, the betaing, the help and the reassurances that this doesn't suck completely. This is thoroughly NC-17. Enjoy!
Check this out if you want some music to go along.

Part One

months and miles from dreams part two; NC-17; 8,588 words )
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So [ profile] theellibu found this this morning on Tumblr and I sort of flailed.

(source and artist: casthebadass)

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And there we go. Word count for Boxer!Danny as of right this second: 40,278.

How did this happen?
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So after realising a song I was listening to fit so well with Boxer!Danny, I gathered a few songs that would go with the fic. I found 5 by the end of my day, and I thought heh, I'd share! So here, have at it. Let me know what you think!

Download link

It contains:

1. Cheryl Cole, Parachute
2. Fightstar, Mercury Summer (Acoustic version)
3. Hurts, Illuminated
4. McFly, Nowhere Left To Run (I wanted to use the acoustic version, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my hard drives D:)
5. U2, In A Little While (here covered by Hanson)

I quite like that mix, I think it conveys quite a lot of emotions I want to convey in the story. Anyway, your opinions!
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I need someone willing to read through what I've got a Boxer!Danny and give me their detailed opinion! I have people doing that already but I'm being enough of a burden to them - does anyone else want me to be a burden to them? I need honest, possibly harsh opinions. Just need it all so I know I'm doing it right.

Also, if someone want to read it and then make me a soundtrack/fanmix of sorts to help me write it, that'd be awesome.


I'm screening the comments, leave me your email or something if you're interested.
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So I don't have much to write about - BFFlatmates and I have to actively look for a new place to live because our landlord is kind of a fucktard and I'm quite angry at him, I am prettttyyyyyy tired right now and it was a long day, ya know, quite a long day. But tomorrow should be nice and from Sunday I am seeing Hanson Hanson Hanson Hanson and tomorrow is the general sale for Incubus in London and I am SO looking forward to that we need tickets like we need to breathe.

But anyway, since I don't have much else to say than this, what about I give you a new tease of Boxer!Danny? Let's have some pre-porn! It's unedited and was written along with [ profile] stjarna1984 because I seem to be unable to write porn without her.

Some people listen to Otis Redding unironically. )

Btw, it broke 20K!


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