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So, as a note, there it is - you have my permission to do what you want with my stories. Well, let's see: podfics are amazing and I would be more than happy for them to happen, art is brilliant and I love it, translations are perfectly fine. All I ask if to be told about any of it, so I can listen/look/check it out! This is not valid only for Avengers, either, anything is fine, please, don't hesitate, blah blah blah. I'm actually thinking about trying my hand at podficcing myself...So, yeah. Here it is.
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I'll be seeing you, ~1,300 words, G, Steve and Peggy. Steve visits Peggy in her nursing home.

Steve clutches his flowers and licks his lips and looks at Peggy, her hair gone white and her lips still red as they were back in the day, her eyes just as doe-eyed, for a second he sees her as young as he’d known her once, all the drawings he’d made of her, and her skin may be paper thin and wrinkled now but she’s still got that same light in her eyes when he looks into them, when she smiles at him.

Something I really wanted to write. It's probably been done and all, but, I don't know, I wanted it. Unbeta'ed, sorry.
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Beautiful day to get our war on - PG-13 - 6,500 words - Clint Origins story
There are places where there are no more shadows in which to hide. In the desert the heat is unflappable and the air is dry, and Clint can try all he wants to hide from it, it chases after him, sticks his fatigues to the back of his legs and neck, relentless.

This story I have been wanting to write since watching the movie for the first time, the story where Clint is a soldier.

Link on AO3
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HEY LOOK I WROTE SOMETHING THAT ISN'T SOLDIER!CLINT. Yes, I know, I suck, but I really felt like writing some porn and I wanted to kick my Muse in the butt so...I went for it and wrote Clint and Phil and a pool table. I like imagining that Phil actually lives in a really super posh condo on top of the world (well, Manhattan). It speaks to me. So there. I wrote it.

Title: a bene placito, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: ~2,300, Summary: Clint, Phil, an evening, a pool table, a bet = sex. PWP.

On AO3
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Because, okay, I had FEELINGS about this season premiere, and it's fairly surprising to me because, well, I didn't have many feelings about the show in general by the time it ended its first season. I didn't even plan on watching this? And then I saw gifs and reactions were good, so I thought, okay. And, my God.

Suits 2x01 )

Sooooo, yeah. If you watched it, what were your thoughts?
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So if you want to get some love and give some love, [ profile] radioaches is hosting a What I like about you meme, which is always delightful. So join and share and give love!

I kinda have nothing else to say. I have not written much; I am seeing [ profile] lanyon in a couple of hours and am reallllly excited! Football has also sort of taken over my life at the moment. It'll go away, don't worry.

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So, as you probably know (you may not, though, which is why I'm telling you now), [ profile] sirona_gs launched a Write ALL THE THINGS Week, which is merely a little motivational post for all of us to get back on track with writing; some of us has lost the plot recently with so much stuff going on in our lives recently.

So, I've decided that for this week, I'll focus on my military!Clint story. Long story short: since watching the movie, and in particular that one scene in Med Bay with Clint and Natasha, I have wanted to write Clint's backstory as a military career type of person. The way he holds himself and acts and talks in the movie just fit that description, and by pushing a little at the corners of his comics origin story, I think it works.

So I've started writing this story, and I know where I want it to go. I don't think it will have a huge audience because there is no slash and no pairing; it's about Clint, and his journey through his life and his thoughts and how it leads him to SHIELD. Coulson does make appearances, but it's not about being romantic. So, really, it's quite out of the box for me, it's not something I'm used to do, especially since I want to be realistic about the military aspect of it, and I want to create a great atmosphere and I want details and I don't want to fuck it up.

Anyway, this is my project, d'you want an excerpt?

If you do, here it is )

Now, if only work would let me write some more today...I've been busy with football watching and things happening and I'm seeing [ profile] lanyon on Sunday and I am SO EXCITED about this and vfndjkvbgfjkl work, allow me to write a little please.

Well hello

Jun. 12th, 2012 03:32 pm
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AND GOOD DAY TO YOU. I do love that Sebastian Stan is in something this summer, because, urghl, I want all the pictures and the awards. And, bless him, he gets the ~bad boy roles when he 'feels like Paul Rudd'. Okay, someone to give him the lead in a romantic comedy (with Chris Evans).

Following are 5 new pictures of Sebastian Stan )

Now now, you're most welcome.
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So let's see, where am I at, at the moment:

- started soldier!Clint. About 700 words written, ideas abound. I want it to be detailed, though, so requires quite a bit of research. Need to watch GK again.

- stalled on hitman!Bucky. Haven't touched it in a while, which makes me fairly sad. I guess it'll be one of these very slow going ones.

- wrote words upon words upon words of porn in the rockstar!AU with [ profile] lanyon, it's a happy place and so easy to fall into, and to bounce words back and forth.

- I'm signing up for two big bangs when [ profile] marvel_bang opens for sign-ups; one with [ profile] lanyon (strippers!) and one with [ profile] sirona_gs (sexy wars!). It's all very exciting.

- All of this tends to show that I suck at writing alone.

- I was bitten by this silly bunny of The Avengers as a surfers crew. Thor's like, the one that looks so good in a wetsuit they keep him because the sponsors love him, even if he's not that good at surfing; Tony's the engineer behind the boards; Clint and Nat like to surf in tandem out of competitions, they're too good individually not to want to compete separately; Steve is prodigal with a windsurf; Bucky's their photographer, following them around the world for a book of pictures about them; Nick's the manager but it's Coulson and JARVIS that keep the crew house in shape and babysit the lot of them most of the time.
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Right, a few things.

1. [ profile] lanyon makes me happy e'rrrrryday by indulging me and writing stupid boys in love with me;
2. [ profile] stjarna1984 posted this on her tumblr earlier and I died inside with glee:

Now, Cap in the comics has worn a dress before, and so has Chris Evans, sooooooo...where are the crossdressing!Cap fics? Huh? HUH?
3. After the express auction of last night, I find myself really wanting to put myself up for auction again. There's nothing going on, though, and probably no-one in the Avengers fandom would bid on me, but still;
4. Okay, help needed here. [ profile] someidiothasice has shown me the way to a few, but say I wanted to dig into comic books (interested in Cap, Winter Soldier, Avengers, mainly), which would you recommend? I have bought the recent Winter Soldier issues and also got the Captain America/Winter Soldier by Brubaker compilation. Don't really want to read Civil Wars, but if there are other stuff you think I should really read, show me the way?

CHEERS! I am going back into workmode.

Fandom <3

May. 21st, 2012 09:54 pm
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Yes, another post. [ profile] kristen999 got a surge of donations and reached her amount! So the auction in the last post is not necessary anymore. I enjoyed setting it up though so I'm thinking I may organise something similar some day soon.

But anyway, no need for bids any more. Of course if you want to keep your offer up, let me know and we'll sort something out.

So relieved!
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Actually, posting again. See, [ profile] kristen999 has found herself in a really bad place in terms of money, and desperately needs help. Since I don't have that much to give myself, and I really want to help because she is a most, most lovely person, and it sucks very hard to have such troubles, and I want to help, I thought I'd auction myself for fic.

I'll write a 1000+ Avengers fics, Clint/Coulson, Steve/Bucky, Tony/Bruce, Natasha/Bruce, Steve/Thor, or character-centric fic. I'll start at $10, and will leave this open until Friday.

[ profile] imaginarycircus offers different goodies for 5 people who will donate at least $10 here on her journal. Bid over there!

[ profile] t_verano offers either Hawaii Five-0 or The Sentinel 1000+ words fic for $10 over at her journal. Bid over there!

[ profile] gunslingaaahhh is offering Hawaii Five-0 fic, starting at $10. Please bid here (just say who you're bidding for). Currently at $20

[ profile] theellibu is offering a 1000+ words Hawaii Five-0 fic, starting at $10. Please bid here (just say who you're bidding for). Currently at $15

[ profile] kriadydragon is offering White Collar or Merlin fic, starting at $10. Please bid here (just say who you're bidding for).

[ profile] kriadydragon is offering art - an original dragonfly or dragon with colors of your choosing or black and white (you can see her style here - Please bid here (just say who you're bidding for).

If anyone else wants to join in to help, let me know, I will update this entry with your offering, be it fic, podfic, art, fanmix, anything you want. Please, people, track this entry, help out if you can. I'll pimp it out where I know.

Let's get together, let's show how amazing fandom can be. She needs us, and we can do this.

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In much better, squeeful news, discussions on Twitter led to this today: The Pan-Fandom High School AU Fic Challenge!

Any fandom, any pairing, JUMP ON THIS RIGHT AWAY. I SHALL, TOO.

Sad Panda

May. 21st, 2012 10:14 am
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Cut for those not interested in me talking about squee harshing. )

I just want us to be better than that. (By the way, if you come in to bash and not bring anything to the conversation I will shut you down.)
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Guys guys, it's done, it's posted, we're there, it's big bang time! We edited and betaed on the crunch of time and art is just now finished and it is PERFECT, and I love [ profile] sirona_gs for indulging me and [ profile] tgda for making such amazing art, and [ profile] laria_gwyn for being the most amazing beta.

I will ask you to open my door from your side is a Phil/Clint Garage!AU.
Phil's car is firetruck red, and she's his pride and joy. She deserves the very best of care, something Phil can't give her by himself -- he's the CFO of Stark Industries, not the experienced mechanic she needs. This is a project that needs outsourcing -- straight to Steve Rogers' garage and its preternaturally gifted restorer, Clint Barton.

[ profile] tgda was our amazing amazing artist on this and she made us the most brilliant drawings, they're through the story, and the art post is here! Please do give her all the love for her amazing work.

Sigh, it's really strange to post this. Hope you guys enjoy!
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So since recently I've been writing quite a bit of Bucky and Steve feels, I collated some music together that I associate with them, makes me think of them.

And in there, I put all sorts of chart-topping, guilty-pleasure pop songs, because I am me, and I don't really know many indie rock bands, so I make do, and you know what? I think it works!

I have no art or anything for it, I just wanted to share.

1. Stare At The Sun - Thrice
2. We Found Love - Rihanna & Calvin Harris
3. Too Close - Alex Clare
4. Here's To You - Union Sound Set
5. Part Of Me - Katy Perry
6. I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
7. Breathe Me - Sia
8. Who Knew - P!nk
9. Swing Life Away - Rise Against
10. Who You Are - Jessie J
11. You Found Me - The Fray
12. Heartlines - Florence + The Machine
13. Meet Me At My Funeral - Brigade
14. Walk In The Sun - McFly

I have a Spotify playlist of this if you're interested in any way.

Expanding on things a little )

So there you have it. If you have any Steve/Bucky songs/explanations about songs/thoughts about these ones to share with me, please please please dooooooooo. I understand this entry is, SUPER BORING. I apologise.

In completely unrelated news: on Tuesday I passed probation at work so I'm a full part of the team now! Go me.
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So I coda-ed post Avengers. It's 600 words of me having FEELS, okay. I have so many many feels about so many things from this movie and these characters, but this one has been building inside since my first viewing and it finally worked its way out yesterday.

This is about Phil and Clint. I have so many feels about Steve that I'll probably have to write that later (I have a fairly defined idea of a coda I want with Steve, and I'm also working on a Steve/Bucky longer story, because imo Bucky is the only one that could really save Steve from himself, BUT THIS IS FOR ANOTHER TIME), but these 600 words are about Clint and Phil, in the aftermath of the movie.

So, of course, MAJOR SPOILERS for the movie. My thanks go to [ profile] aliassmith and [ profile] sirona_gs for the hand holding.

Some navigating, ~600 words. )


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