Mar. 23rd, 2012

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You know, when you want to write a story so much, and you want it to be finished so much, because you want everyone to see the final result, because you're proud and excited about it, and it can't seem to get out of your head and fingers fast enough, and yet - time and real life are not on your side, and keep you from doing exactly that?

Yeah, that's where I'm at, at the moment. It's driving me crazy, and maybe it's another thing that is adding to my stress levels. I have managed about 1K a day for the past week, writing in the tube mostly, but it's not enough and I am driving myself to distraction thinking about how much I want to write, how much I want to post that story.

Because for now, I am very proud of it, and I really do think it's good, and I want people to read it, and hopefully enjoy it, and feel what I'm feeling for these characters.

Are you ready to wait? I don't feel like I am. Anyone want to get into my head and write it for me?

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