Mar. 22nd, 2012

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God, you guys, work is beating me down. There are issues, and a lot of work to be done, and meetings all the time, and heels to be worn, and I am tired and overwhelmed and angry, too, some, and I just want to scream at my desk. Some people are not treating me right, and I don't know how long I'll be able to take it before I explode.

I've been in a state of constant stress and jumpiness for the past week and a half. [ profile] foxxcub, bless her so immensely, wrote filthy sappy porn for me the other day, and it made my day.

I'm just tired, you guys. I feel ready to cry at all times, my shoulders and back hurt, I am stressed and dreaming about work, it's that bad. I'm guessing it will be sorted out, and I've been told today that I'm performing really well in my role, so I am happy with that, but this pressure is something that wears me down.

I'll be okay. I just need to relax. In the meantime, I shall sneak looks at JRenner's face.

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