Mar. 20th, 2012

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I am having what you could call a terrible fucking day. Despite a truly lovely episode of H50 (despite some things that made me go '...huh? Really?') this morning, my day has gone from shit to hell at work, with miscommunications and lazy shits giving me the work they're supposed to do, and potentially bad things that make me scared by how heavy they are hanging over my head. I can't really explain right now because it'd be derogatory of me, and it'd be talking about something I might be imagining, so I'm waiting to see how things go with that. But anyway, it is not making my day an explosion of rainbows and puppies.

So I thought, hey, why not giving my flist a snippet of cagefighting!Clint? Because some of you seemed quite into the idea and I'm still writing steadily in it and I now have a colour-coded timeline and almost 5K and parts of a soundtrack, so, hey, why shouldn't I share?

Soundtrack. )

This was compiled mainly thanks to [ profile] sirona_gs and [ profile] renne's Bucky mix, but I'd like more. If you guys have any ideas about songs that fit this fic's mood (check snippet), please do share! It really does help me loads.


This is quite raw, no editing whatsoever, and I also wrote it this morning so I have not even re-read it once. Bear with me.

Snippet. )

There, a little teaser snippet from me to you, and I hope you like it :). Now, going back to work. Joy.


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