Mar. 3rd, 2012

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After I posted yesterday, our office manager spotted me and put me in an empty meeting room with the lights off to try and help my light sensitivity, and when my manager was out of the meeting he was in, he sent me home.

This morning I am feeling better; my eyes are not as sore. I went out to the post office and the rain felt quite good on my face, my skin has been feeling incredibly tight. Now I'm having a big breakfast because I am starving and will spend a really quiet weekend with my girls.

Thank you for all the hugs and advice. I'm still wobbly and my brain is still hurting, but I'm getting there.

PS: AOL :(. Wishing him the speediest, best recovery.

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Because we are watching In Enemy Hands, in which Clark Gregg features, and then I just wanted to do this. Because his face is the kind of face that makes headaches go away.

This will most probably feature spoilers from many movies and trailers of movies.

The I ♥ Clark Gregg's face post!

Give the man your love - he deserves it! No bashing, thank you. Spread and enjoy!

More and more and more )

Fic recs (all of the Coulson/Barton variety):

- In The Backseat by [ profile] sirona_gs. I have no finished reading it yet, but I know the end will be just as perfect as the beginning, as everything Neve writes.
- Brand New Day by [ profile] kellifer_fic. Because, just because, fuck, how can you not. Most beautiful.
- Lemme grab a seat and I'll tell ya about our hard, hard day by SidneySussex, the best Christmas story ever. EVER.
Now, your turn, because ALL THE FICS.

I'm stopping there because otherwise I never will. THANK YOU.


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