Feb. 6th, 2012

delicatale: (JRenner gets naked for you)

I AM SO TIRED. I managed to get lost on my way in to my new office, AND THEN DID IT AGAIN ON THE WAY HOME. I ended up taking the Tube at Bank instead of Old Street (so I walked quite a lot, for those this means nothing to).
I also did my back in and was in agony all day, which kept me from being focused to what everybody told me, but overall? Good day. The office is really nice, people were welcoming, and some of them are reaaaaally pretty. So I am not complaining, really. It'll take a little while to get settled, but I think I'll be busy in a good way when I get there, which is something I wasn't at my old job and did drive me slightly crazy.

ANYWAY. New H50 coming, which should be hopefully full of Danno feelings, which I agree with, and OH THE AVENGERS TRAILER YOU GUYS THE AVENGERS TRAILER UNF UNF UNF. TALK TO ME ABOUT IT.

Does someone want to write for me? Or with me? Something easy? idk, I just want all the comfort tonight, and you guys are the best providers. I'll take anything you want to give me! I can try to provide if you prompt me! ♥

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