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Thanks for writing for me! I realise you did not pick me in particular and that Ao3 did this for us, but, still, thank you! And welcome to my letter where hopefully I will manage to give you enough material to write something you'll be happy with! However, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact @von_b or @theellibu on Twitter. They know me and what I like and dislike better than anybody else.

Anyway, on to the fic stuff. I'll start with likes! I'm typically more inclined to read fics that are leaning towards mature to explicit, but if that's not something that fits in the story, I'm perfectly happy with no porn. In my own writing, I tend to always plan on writing porn, but then if it doesn't work with the flow of the story, or feels completely superfluous, I don't add it in; I know that it just how things shake out sometimes and that's absolutely fine.

In hockey fandom, I'm happy with either AUs or canon-based fic, I don't really have a preference. Otherwise, here are some things I would rather read:
- happy endings; I don't read fic to not be happy by the time the ending comes around (I cry easy, Author)
- snappy dialogue
- slow-build/slow-burn. I know it can be hard to write but it is such a great time when a story makes the characters work for it and earn it. So good.
- kissing/make-outs. I am such a fan of them. Love the cliché, tropey intense kissing in the rain ala The Notebook, people getting their knees weak, people pushing and pulling when making out, that kind of stuff, you know.
- external conflict. I do love when characters are being thrown shit at and have to face it together but obviously it's never that easy and it can break them from the inside too and, ugh, the ache that they want to make it work but can they? Oh, so much love.

Obviously, Author, feel free to pick whatever works best for the story!

For dislikes, here are some squicks/dealbreakers:
- Rape/non-con
- dub-con
- BDSM. I can read it to a certain extent but I have to be in a very specific mood for it and usually I'd just rather not read it
- character death
- humiliation/embarrassment
- abuse
- incest (not that it should really apply in my pairing choices)
- conflict based on miscommunication. While I love when characters have issues expressing their feelings, I have grown tired of conflict based entirely on A thinking one thing and not talking to B about it, just going on for ages with his assumption, etc etc. Maybe it's just because I'm growing old, Author, I have no patience for these shenanigans anymore.

Okay, let's move on to pairings/prompts!

Tom Wilson/Mike Latta, Washington Capitals

Oh, these two. I mean, they make it easy, right? Right? I don't even know what to say; I'm a sucker for height differences and bros, and they give me all of that, plus cuddles with babies and puppies and living with each other and being ridiculously co-dependent. They are so many tropes I love smushed together and I want to smush them because they are darling.

I love how they're playing the social media angle so cleverly. Hockey players - and especially hard-hitting players - are so often shot down for being idiots, but both Tom and Mike have found something here that they're both really good at, and they know exactly what they're doing with it, too. I find that infinitely interesting.

I imagine I don't have to expand too much on them as they are one of the more popular pairings in the fandom now, but if you need to know more about them, do find them on Twitter and IG, it is already a good start! RMNB also keeps a detailed account of all of their bromance moments. They say things like 'look into my eyes' to each other in interviews and Tom looks at Latts like this, and they watch Titanic and the Bachelor together, and they chirp incessantly but also really do love each other. You know the bro dinos on Tumblr? That's basically them.

Anyway. In my request I have a couple of prompts for stories I'd bloody love to see exist:

- Frat AU - a life of pranks, friends with benefits with feelings? College/Frat AU ridden with clichés is A+ in my book! I just want them to be frat bros, I don't really have much more to add to that. I absolutely love frat AUs, with a pinch of humour and a positive team atmosphere thrown in. I'm happy for it to be super tropey.

- Magic Mike AU. I really like the idea of Mike pushing his exhibitionist streak to the extreme and getting into stripping, especially when he realises he's good at it?

Patrice Bergeron/Andrew Ference, Boston Bruins - Edmonton Oilers

Oh. Oh, this pairing. I started shipping it when Ference was still on the Bruins, just because of their mutual appreciation of each other and their easy friendship. Mature guys that know what they're doing and what they want, that enjoyed going for quiet dinners together while on the road and letting the wild kids do their thing. Basically, they were quiet and appreciative of one another and while that makes them boring to plenty of people, I just fell helplessly in love with them.

Thing is, Bergy is pretty introverted and extremely private, so let me tell you a few things: he owns shares in a spa just outside Quebec city, "sometimes he leaves his clothes around the house", he's pretty goofy (example:

and also, his trying to charm both Foligno and Toews to be picked during the ASG draft was pretty good) and actually cuddly (he jumped Weber at the ASG red carpet on camera). On that last point, it's important to note that when playing the Oilers last season, he was caught on camera hugging Ference and telling him 'you're coming home with us'. Like, that's canon.

On Ference, I guess most people know that he's a health nut and super into ecology and making your own compost and stuff. There are tons of videos on YT as he had a little show going on with National Geographic for a while. Here's one as an example:

He's getting a degree in this field (with an online MIT course, iirc). He's really, really involved in it, and generally, he's super involved into his community; he was in Boston (created the November Project there) and he still is now in Edmonton (most recently, see #spidermable on Twitter). He's also covered in tattoos and he wears glasses and he's soft-spoken and generally an extremely good guy.

Here are my prompts, if they help:
- Long-distance angst - can they make it? will they even try? is it even worth it?
- Post-retirement fic; Andrew retires, what happens of him and Patrice then?
- Kidfic
- I have always loved the idea of Ference being an environmental studies professor at MIT while Bergy teaches sports medicine (or something to that effect) at BU.
- FNL AU, where they are Coach and Mrs Coach.

But honestly, anything would do.

Valtteri Filppula/Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning

Aaaahhhh, my rarepair that nobody ships but me!

I have one main reason to ship it, to be fair, and it's part of my prompt: they were both injured for the Olympics and both had to be left off their respective National teams and both were super unhappy about it. Since, I've been imagining them moping about in Florida while their NT lit it up without them. I like to think that'd be more than enough for two hyper-competitive hockey players to bond over. Also, they're definitely friendly and hang out together! Look, they spent St Patrick's Day together!

Author, I'm sure you know Steven Stamkos. If you don't know much about him besides 'extremely skilled at that game we call hockey', though, I can tell you he's pretty much a goofball, is super close to his Toronto buddies (mainly Subban), loves Florida but also his hometown (hence all the rumours he'll sign with the Leafs), hyper-focused but can also make fun of himself (see any video with Cabbie). Valtteri Filppula is more of a mystery, just by way of being Finnish - Finnish people aren't renown for being super extroverted. Thing is, he's not a superstar player so people tend to leave him alone; I've been into him from my beginnings into NHL hockey in an entirely shallow way (because at the time, he was playing for the Red Wings and I couldn't abide that, but then again I couldn't help myself finding him crazy hot, I mean, look at this:

), but his signing with the Lightning has made it a lot easier for me to just love him lots. He's soft-spoken, but got a wicked sense of humour; very dry and sarcastic. He's good friends with Erik Karlsson - they played together during the lockout and did awkward photoshoots together (

) and were caught chirping each other mercilessly postgames. It's all very endearing.

All of this to go back to my prompt:
- Left behind during the Olympics - both of them were injured during the Olympics and had to be left behind by their respective national teams. What if, in a 'screw it' moment, they decide to jet away to, like, a resort in Greece or Morocco or Cuba? I'm also perfectly happy if you want them to stay in Florida and focus on their recovery and maybe start like, some kind of bet on who can get back to full fitness first (what's at stakes is up to you ;D ), or whatever else strikes your imagination. The idea is really 'they were left out during the Olympics and they're pretty mad/bitter about it'. Do with that what you will!

Sam Gagner/John Tavares, Philadelphia Flyers/New York Islanders

The unsung tragic love story of Sam and JT, oh man. They've known each other since they were babies! They grew up playing together/against each other! They meet up every summer and train in Sam's parents' backyard rink! They're hyper-competitive and chirpy and ridiculous! Sam is one of the few people that can bring JT's personality out! It's all super fucking great. It's also one of these pairings I got into by fan-osmosis and it's been delightful to fall into it; I do love slow burn romances who take decades to fully form and bloom and it's even better when they tragically sweep entire continents like Sam and John's did - Sam started in Edmonton while JT was drafted by New York, and Sam move about in recent seasons, closer and closer to JT! It's SO GREAT.

Which does explain why I'd love to have like, a commuter type love story - something fitting in the texts and calls and stories they tell each other on their train/car trips to and from Philly/NYC as they try to spend as much time with each other as they can now that they can, while they can because who knows how long this is going to last? Ugh. So romantic.

My other prompts:
- Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopia AU; the only thing they want is to be reunited
- Sam gets traded to the Isles, and at first they thought it'd be the best time of their lives, but they've never done this before, the long-term in the same place thing.
- a road-trip in the offseason

Max Domi/Anthony DuClair, Arizona Coyotes

Rookies! These two loveable sillies played together in the World Juniors and developed the kind of bromance that is so adorable and endearing:

And now they're playing on the same team! They're lighting it up! They're living together! They're having interviews about it and discuss who's the messiest! But it's okay, Duke is super into it anyway.

I'm still in the process of discovering them and learning more about them so I can't tell you much besides Domi is the son of Tie Domi, was drafted by the Coyotes and he's a bit of a pest; he's been having a very good start with the Coyotes this season. He's got Type 1 Diabetes and has a service dog called Orion that he takes most of his pictures on IG with and calls his best friend; he's involved in talking about having diabetes and still being an athlete, talks about it in schools and stuff. Both he and Duke are dweebs and they're very cute - Domi enjoys babies and it's very very cute, too. Duke was drafted by the Rangers and played with them for a bit last season, but was sent to the Coyotes in the Yandle trade. He's exuberant and giggly and a cuddlemonster.

So, prompts:
- like Wilson/Latte, a Frat AU would be more than excellent
- Getting together fic - they now live together and Duke's into it, but Max is a little bit slow, a little bit oblivious. Or anything like that, of them navigating being on the same team again and all, slice of life type of thing where they think living together is the easy choice but then feelings come into it and it becomes complicated.
- FNL AU. It's not even that far removed from real life, kids being treated like rockstars by their city because they're good at a sport; but it's not all easy all the time, the pressure, the desire to be the best, the college applications, the family issues, wanting to fit in, and how to navigate feelings for your teammate?

If none of my prompts fit for you and you need more possibilities to work with, as I said in my request I am perfectly happy with a number of tropes and AUs that you can base your story on: dystopian, apocalypse, road-trips, animal transformation, deaging, rule 63, zombies au, superheroes, epistolary fic, ranch hand au.

Again, thank you! I hope you have found something in this mess that you want to write, and I'm very very sorry if you didn't. Again, if you need more info/ideas, do get in touch with @von_b or @theellibu - they are respectively brokendaisychains and suck-it-tj-oshie on Tumblr if you find that easier. If you want to find me on tumblr, I am at cakelessness. My fandom twitter is locked so it would not help you much, unfortunately. I am very excited about this!

Much love and luck and everything you may need, Author,
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