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So, you guys, news: TEEN WOLF BIG BANG FIRST DRAFT IS NOW OFFICIALLY COMPLETE. Clocking at 21,854 words for now, I...quite like it. I am intensely relieved to be finished with this main first draft, that now it will only be edits and tweaks and making it readable.

I think I have found a title for it, as well \o/. Fall open, fall in, which relates to both Stiles and books, for Derek. I think it's simple and efficient? Opinions?

Anyway, because I am glad I am mostly done with it, have another little bit of it!

“Okay, I am officially confused,” Derek announces a Saturday afternoon, sitting cross-legged in his favorite armchair of Adventure Time, and Stiles looks at him from over his shoulder, a hand on a pile of books high as his hip wobbling by his side.

“What about?”

“I just don’t get Extremis,” Derek shrugs as he holds up the comic book with what feels like a baffled expression on his face, which makes Stiles smiles indulgently.

“That storyline isn’t for everybody. You should read the new Hawkeye instead,” Stiles replies, pointing at the stack of comics on the little side table near the chair Derek is sitting on. There are still Christmas decorations strewn about in the bookshop, some Derek is pretty sure have been up all year long, but it gives the shop another layer of character; Derek is to the point where Adventure Time is almost another person in his life, meandering and complicated and sometimes seemingly infinite, a complete entity with its own quirks – Derek is still certain that some corners appear and disappear at will when he’s specifically looking for something.

“I’ve started, now. I just don’t get why anybody likes Tony Stark.”

Stiles gasps, and the pile of books he was keeping steady goes toppling down, making Stiles give Derek a dark look when Derek smiles helplessly, biting his lip as Stiles groans and dives down, trying to save whatever system he had going on there.

“You should not be allowed near comics, I take back what I said before, I was just trying to be hip and trendy and seduce you, comics are not for everybody and obviously if you don’t get the power of Tony’s genius anti-hero selfless sacrifices and issues you should not be allowed to read any.”

Derek laughs into the neck of his sweater as he listens to Stiles grumble on to himself while gathering the books spread around on the floor, going off on a tangent about the art of writing characters and alternate timelines, which lulls Derek as he sits more comfortably in the chair, eyes drifting closed for a while, just enjoying the warmth and quiet of the bookshop.

And now, on to claims and all *crosses fingers*.


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