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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, hello! And THANK YOU. This is my first year participating, and I am extremely anxious and excited about the whole process, and I am super happy for you to be writing for one of these rare fandoms I enjoy so much! There is no pressure whatsoever; I am just delighted to be part of this!

Let me tell you about some things I like: Aus, happy endings, magical realism, misunderstandings, life-changing illnesses (with a happy/hopeful ending; I like stories that treat with kindness and respect about it), kidfic, a healthy dose of angst, slow burns, intense first kisses, curtain fic, friendship and bromance, zombies (ZOMBIES!), boys with feelings they don’t very well know how to express. Things like that.

Violence, blood, gore, all of it is fine by me, as long as it serves the story and its plot.

I don’t really want to expand too much on my dislikes, but I don’t really enjoy reading deathfic, non or dub-con, rape, BDSM, and I’ve got a second-hand embarrassment squick that is huge. I’m pretty open to different possibilities though which is why I don’t want to pick too many things I don’t want to see; I’d rather not if any character was bashed, female or male for that matter.

I’d like slash if possible, although I do enjoy het as well.

Specifics of my fandoms? Yes!

Strike Back / Michael Stonebridge, Damien Scott

Anything about these two would make me happy! There is such a lack of fic when they are the most amazing and if you decide to write them for me, Author, you have great taste :D.

Simply put, though, anything will do; from a canon-led road trip to a complete AU, I’ll be happy. Obviously during the show, there is a distinct lack of the two of them being off mission and just bonding, just being two lads from two different cultures, but trusting each other implicitly and with no regrets. There are so many scars to explore and so many facets of the two of them we don’t know about; it’s pretty much all I wish and more in a fic. I could also be perfectly happy with an action-fuelled mission with angry-drunk-sex!

I also have this image of the two of them with kids; adopted kids from one of the devastated countries they've been in too often. They don’t necessarily make that choice together, but end up helping each other with it. It’s only a half formed idea really.

Terminator Salvation / Marcus Wright, John Connor, Kyle Reese, Kate Brewster

The best thing about Salvation, apart from the fact that it showed the war and I’d wanted to see it since TII, was Marcus. He was a great addition to the universe and I enjoyed his character immensely, which is why I don’t want him dead and I tend to imagine him not dead. I also love his relationship with Connor (fyi, John Connor is my favourite fictional character ever in the world of forever) and I would love if it was explored more in fic.

Many fics I’ve read are Marcus/Kyle which makes sense, and which I enjoy as well. But I hole Marcus/John close to my heart, and I’d love a canon-centred fic about the two of them (because I adore the canon). It could be that they go away on a mission together, it could be that they learn to live alongside each other and appreciate each other even more. I like the idea of having to find new living quarters; I also like the idea of John and Kate’s bubba taking a liking to Marcus (how to deal with Kate in the idea of Marcus/John being romantic in this scenario is entirely up to you, Author, as long as there is no wife-bashing just to get rid of her!).

Overall, in this universe I am pretty open to anything. Action/plot driven fic is very good to me, and you can make it hard and gritty if you feel like it needs it!

Friday Night Lights / Matt Saracen, Tim Riggins, Tyra Colette, Jason Street

TV show of my heart, oh god. So many feelings. I’ve always wanted to see Matt/Tim be explored more in fic. For some reason Tim/Landry was bigger, but from s4 onwards, Matt’s funeral and all, Matt/Tim is something that has always intrigued me and made my brain fuel up a bit. To me they have a lot in common; heartaches and growing pains, and the show gives them other people to work these out with, but I’d like to see it with the two of them being pushed together.

I am terribly partial to Tyra/Jason as well, however timelines don’t coincide all that well with both these pairings; I just like Tyra/Tim/Jason being BFFs really. In this fandom I wouldn’t even mind gen, I just like the possibilities with Tim/Matt and it could be quite wonderful to explore it.

Push / Nick Gant, Cassie Holmes

I like any and all playing with this universe and these two characters. I like the idea of the two of them being romantically involved, but she's got to be 17 at least for it. Again, a road trip, a kidfic - I like the idea of Cassie getting pregnant, but Nick is not the father. To be fair it is my one request that I just...want a story out of, without having really thought a lot about. I just love these two characters and their chemistry, how easy it was, and I also absolutely loved the universe it's built on and wished we could have seen more of it.

Worldbuilding and slow burn between Cassie and Nick, that would make me super happy.

♥ ♥

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