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See, when I first started watching this show, I had no idea it would become...what it is now. I thought it'd be a fun, relax and eat popcorn in front of kind of show. But then S2 happened and I can't. I can't quite stop the rush of feelings happening.

I laughed and I gasped and I was close to tears and I was amazed, all in the space of this one episode.

The intro to this episode, first of all, was absolutely mindblowing, way over the quality you'd except from this kind of show. It felt real and raw, and the close shots on Stiles' mouth and eyes, the way he was just letting it all out, it was amazing. I don't trust the guidance counsellor for a second, but this scene reminded me of the session with Lydia, and what stark differences there are there, between the two of them. Where Lydia closed off, Stiles just lets go. In my head, this makes it obvious that they'd never work as a couple, even if she learnt to share more.

Boyd and Erica, I...don't know. I mean, I get their point, I do; they're kids and they're scared and they want protection, they want to feel like they belong more than Derek allows them (because he is scared himself, because he is in way over his head and he can't see the surface, to keep on with the drowning references). I didn't think they'd make that choice, to go against Derek, to go away, but here they were, and it had to be a trap, but, fuck. The single-minded determination Allison showed, the cruelty as she kept on shooting Boyd while Erica was crying for her to stop horrified me. I mean, what a character arc she's got, it's absolutely brilliant, but at the same very shocking, considering what a sweet girl she was in S1. I believe it, though. I completely believe she would let herself drown (ah!) in anger and allow herself to be manipulated by her grandfather to get some sort of respite, to give her something else to focus on than the pain of losing her mother.

I'm enjoying the fact that she and Scott are set apart this season. They were sickening in S1, and giving them separate arcs give them more dimension and it's more interesting to watch, imo. I especially liked the alliance between Scott and Isaac in this episode; I have such a soft spot for Isaac, and how fragile he is - through it all he still was the one that first found a way to anchor himself and not turn during the full moon, and he's the one with absolutely nothing to lose and yet he stays. I really want to see more of Isaac in the future.

Scott showed that he can care about other people than Allison, and I've been waiting for that one. Because whatever he says, in the past it's always, all been about her, and finally there we see some change, and the way he tried to reassure Stiles was big, to me. He took so much for granted, and now he is seeing just how scared everybody else is, especially his best friend in the world, and that counts an awful lot in my book.

I don't even know where to start, with Stiles. He can't catch a break, and it makes me want to scream just unfair all of this is on him. I don't want him to become a werewolf; I think they all need this very human presence around them, to ground them and keep on reminding them what it's all about, but I really hope he finds another way to save himself. Be more like Willow than Xander. I want him well, and happy, and not scared shitless all the time, for his dad, for Scott, for Lydia, for everybody else. It's that kind of selflessness that will make him lose his mind, and he deserves much better than that.

And what about Jackson? I mean, I want to believe he rebelled against Gerard and stabbed himself on purpose, so as to not hurt anyone else (headcanon - Gerard ordered him to kill Danny and that was not going to happen). I really want to believe this is what happened, and I really, really hope this is what we see. Because Jackson hates himself right now (probably has for a long time, but for other reasons), and I want to see him take over, stop this because enough is enough. Fingers crossed I'm not completely off on this one.

And then we had the completely separate (but not really) line with Peter and Derek. My God, how much do I love Peter, and how much I am wondering if he is playing Derek all along, or not. Peter is masterful, and Derek so desperately needs someone to hang onto, this may be his worst choice yet but who knows, what if Peter is right? Especially considering he was betrayed by Scott in Fury, and at the beginning of this episode there was Erica and Boyd, Derek keeps on failing and being failed, and he's told no one about Peter because he doesn't trust them. It's snowballing and snowballing and I have no idea how is Derek ever going to get out of it. Which makes it fascinated and also terribly cruel, because Derek is no saint, but come on. Surely even he deserves better than this.

They all need a holiday.

Let's not pretend any of this made sense...
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